Milton Adams

Milton Adams – A Remarkable Lawyer

Milton Adams had an extraordinary journey. Beginning as a public housing resident and moving across three continents to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. Along his journey he displayed an “entrepreneurial gene,” always searching for fresh experiences.

David was also an active member of Central United Methodist Church, serving on committees and in Mather class. Additionally, he was known to support recitals, concerts and sporting events with great gusto.

Early Life and Education

The Adams family was highly esteemed in Boston society. Their F Street house now serves as a museum, while their extensive correspondence, both personal and public, can be found preserved in The Adams Papers.

John Adams was a gifted student but disliked school at age 15. He told his father it was due to not understanding, rather than any dislike of learning from his teacher; consequently he sent John to another schoolmaster who revived his enthusiasm for learning; within months John began reading voraciously again!

Milton was sparsely settled by English colonists during the 1620s and early 1630s, taking its name from Neponset River and its hills, including Hancock Hill. A number of important colonial figures had homes here including two royal governors Jonathan Belcher and Thomas Hutchinson.

Professional Career

Milton has extensive experience representing public and private corporations, governmental entities, and individuals in complex litigation matters, such as class action lawsuits. His white collar practice includes representing his clients against securities, fraud, employment discrimination and retaliation claims as well as Dodd-Frank/Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower claims as well as CFTC and IRS regulatory matters.

He prides himself on providing exceptional client service, working diligently on behalf of each of his clients. Known for conducting in-depth investigation of each case and offering clear advice as well as innovative solutions to legal matters.

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Achievement and Honors

Milton Adams was among the last of traditional Cajun music’s old guard – talented men who earned their living from playing accordions while abstaining from dancing halls on weekends. He played with a band known as Midnight Playboys and performed at festivals across America.

He remained dedicated to his family’s endeavors, regularly attending recitals and sporting events to show support for his children and grandchildren. He was an ardent Missouri Tigers football and basketball fan as well as Kansas City Royals supporter.

He served on the boards of directors of both the American Bar Association and other community organizations, was an active philanthropist, and dedicated volunteer in numerous community initiatives. His dedication earned him numerous accolades and awards during his lifetime; he is survived by his wife and son.

Personal Life

As a lawyer, he successfully represented many British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre Trials and successfully won their acquittals; additionally he advocated vigorously for abolishing slavery.

Adams was an accomplished writer who contributed articles to Port Folio and other periodicals. Although his dream was to become a novelist, lack of patronage and Philadelphia’s expensive living arrangements prevented this ambition from coming to fruition (JA to TBA, 22 Oct 1799, Adams Papers).

Shorty married Vickie and together they raised two children. Together they now have four grandchildren and one great grandchild. Shorty and Vickie own a tree trimming and hot tub service rental business in Grantsville and Tooele Utah as well as traveling across the country in support of an evangelical ministry that fosters youth evangelism programs. Furthermore, they belong to a local community church in Utah.

Net Worth

Heiress of Star Market fortune, she still funds the Boston Pops Fourth of July Esplanade concerts he helped start and makes charitable donations out of her own funds. However, she owns shares in several projects such as under-construction Mandarin Oriental hotel, shopping centers, and her Brownfields Recovery Corporation which cleans up polluted industrial sites.

He became best-known for hosting NBC’s Texaco Star Theater and portraying Uncle Miltie. In 1941 he married showgirl Joyce Mathews but they divorced three years later, only to remarry a year later in 1949.

Stemberg was once a Boston venture capitalist with investments in KaBloom florists, Zoots dry cleaners, and Olly Shoes (in partnership with his former wife). Today he owns multifamily property in East Milton Square and supports women’s political causes.

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