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Mindy in Paris Phone Case

Emily in Paris is a Netflix show that centers on an American aspiring marketing executive named Emily Cooper who moves to France to provide an American point of view. As she struggles to adapt to life in the French capital, she tries to find romance and balance her conventional Midwestern upbringing with the more relaxed culture of France.

Mindy in Paris

In the first season of Emily in Paris, Mindy lives in a tiny apartment in the 5th arrondissement of Paris and posts photos of her adventures on her Instagram account (@emilycooper). Her followers quickly begin to appreciate the pictures and she earns the title “Instagrammer de la ville” or “Instagrammer in the city.”

With her social media following growing rapidly, her work is rewarded with invitations to chic red-carpet events and other high-profile occasions in Paris. The social media star even finds a way to reconnect with her former boyfriend Gabriel and get him to visit her in France for a romantic weekend getaway.

She also finds herself invited to take part in a fashion event hosted by Pierre Cadault that she doesn’t want to go to. She takes a job with Savoir, a Parisian fashion company and soon learns that she can’t speak the language of her new employer.

Her friends, Shay and Li, come to Paris to see her and she performs a song at a club called “Chandelier” by Sia which she had to learn after she flubbed the Chinese Popstar competition. It draws a crowd and she gets offered a gig emceeing twice a week at the same cabaret.

While in the French capital, she meets her coworkers Sylvie and Julien for the first time and they make a plan to have a photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower. She then attempts to gain a foothold in the company by posing for a magazine article about her.

During her time in Paris, she is encouraged to sing in public and eventually is asked to emcee at a Parisian cabaret. She is a hit with the audience and her performance is live-streamed on Instagram.

In the second season of Emily in Paris, Emily is a bit more ambitious. She tries to snag a job with a new client, and she helps to entice Nicolas to buy the song that Benoit wrote. But the idea is met with skepticism by his boss, Antoine.

With a job and a slew of new friends, she finds it hard to stay true to her identity as she juggles a career and a personal life. She is sabotaged by her friend Camille who has an affair with Sofia Sideris and wants to go back to Greece. She also starts dating Nicolas and she invites him to a movie with her and Gabriel.

She also decides to go out with her friends, Alfie and Antoine, who are on their way back from the airport in a new McLaren that Antoine has bought for her. However, she and Antoine have trouble convincing Gabriel that she’s not in love with him.

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