Molly George

Molly George

Molly George is an exceptional team player, going above and beyond her job duties to guarantee exceptional patient care. Additionally, she takes time out of her busy schedule to answer any queries her colleagues may have.

She is the cofounder of Kickstand, a communications agency with 50 employees across America. The company continuously adapts its benefits to fit its employees’ needs, such as family-planning grants and monthly wellness stipends.

Early Life and Education

Molly George has been an integral part of the community for over 25 years. She currently works as a textile artist and educator, leading workshops in NYC. Molly has an affinity for natural dyes, enjoys creating art, and enjoys connecting with people through it.

After graduating from SCAD, she moved to New York City and has been studying natural dyes for five years.

She has become renowned for her daring spirit and infectious energy that creates an inspiring atmosphere. Furthermore, her extensive knowledge of Spanish language teaching techniques and linguistic pedagogy are highly valued; further encouraging students to be organized and hardworking.

Professional Career

She enjoyed a distinguished career in the entertainment industry. She starred in numerous films such as Dark City (1998), The Limey (1999), and Mulholland Drive (2001).

She appeared in several television shows such as Monk (2002), Alias (2001) and Grey’s Anatomy (2005), but her most renowned role was that of Gabriel Byrne’s love interest on In Treatment (2008).

She began her professional wrestling career in World Championship Wrestling from 2000 to 2005 under the ring name Molly Holly and enjoyed great success there, holding both WWF Hardcore and Women’s Championships. Additionally, she battled against Lita, Victoria, Trish Stratus, and Christy Hemme in the ring.

Achievements and Honors

Molly George has achieved many remarkable successes. As a medical professional and team player, she strives to provide her patients with the highest quality care.

She is the Assistant Director of Clinical Operations for UCSF Health, teaching medical students and residents on teaching wards. Additionally, she works as a quality improvement specialist on projects to reduce length of stay, implement advanced care planning strategies, provide high value care services and eliminate diagnostic errors.

As a healing-centered composer/artistic director, leadership cultivator, musical researcher, educator and facilitator; integrative healing guide and meditation teacher for over 28 years she has worked with individuals and organizations worldwide at the intersection of participatory music making, spirituality, personal healing and collective transformation, community organizing and education. Her work encompasses cultivating healing processes to address personal trauma as well as supporting accountable equity & justice practices; manifesting embodied leadership; creating spaces for integrated bio-cultural living stories; nurturing unique creative life-affirming expressions.

Personal Life

Molly George is an Australian actress who began her career as a roller skater. Her acting talent earned her various roles in film.

After graduating high school, she worked as a model for several years and also acted in television commercials and movies.

As the American Revolution broke out in 1775, she attempted to persuade the Mohawk people to remain loyal to Britain by providing food and ammunition. Additionally, she provided support for Loyalists with clothing and weapons.

Molly Johnson’s husband, Sir William Johnson, passed away in 1774. As his widow, Molly was expected to fill his shoes and serve as a crucial political link between Great Britain and the Iroquois Confederacy.

Net Worth

She began as a social media influencer before taking part in Love Island. Since then, she has secured several brand deals and seen tremendous success with her popularity, leading to an impressive income.

At present, she boasts an impressive 4.8 million Instagram followers with consistently more than 250,000 likes on each post. Additionally, she earns a substantial income from YouTube videos and advertisements.

Last week, she inked a seven-figure deal with Pretty Little Thing. Additionally, she launched an array of fake tanning products which sold quickly on the shelves; and her YouTube videos have been viewed over 7million times.

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