Mom Dies Trying To Save Daughter From Motorhome Fire

Mom Dies Trying to Save Daughter From Motorhome Fire

Sadly, the mother of a young girl died trying to save her daughter from a burning motorhome. Her name is Nevaeh Stratton. She died from burns to her chest, hands, and legs.

Essie McKenzie

Sadly, a fire in the Walmart parking lot claimed the life of one man’s mother. A woman named Essie McKenzie left her two daughters in the back of her minivan while she dropped her off at the airport. She returned a short time later to find her daughter dead and her mother smothered in smoke. Apparently, she left them to sleep while she was out shopping.

The fire began on a man’s camping stove. He had used it to make breakfast and was parked next to McKenzie’s minivan when the smoke detector went off. The man’s wife tried to put out the fire but it was too late. The fire then spread to McKenzie’s car and she was killed. A lawsuit against Walmart is pending, alleging that the store’s parking lot policy is to allow visitors to sleep overnight without being screened.

Jorji Coy-Epperly

Hundreds of people gathered in San Diego this afternoon to honor Jorji Coy-Epperly, the 37-year-old woman who died attempting to save her daughter from a motorhome fire Tuesday morning. The memorial was set up near the site of the fire, where dozens of people gathered to pray. A number of service providers also attended the event, including the San Diego County Department of Transportation and Cal Fire. The fire was reported at 6 a.m., and firefighters arrived to find a charred RV. Cal Fire has not yet announced the cause of the fire, but it is being investigated.

Nevaeh Stratton

Stratton was out with one of her daughters when the house caught fire. She ran into the burning home to rescue her children and was found dead inside during the rescue operation. The children were left with minor to moderate injuries. The three youngest are now orphans. The community is coming together in the wake of Stratton’s death. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family. Currently, the page is raising over $34,000. The North Bakersfield Toyota dealership is hosting a donation drop-off.

Stratton’s husband died four years ago from cancer. Her five children range in age from seven to 18. They are now left without their mother. The family is struggling to cope with their loss. Friends and family have spent the past days sorting through their home. There are now five empty rooms in the house. There are still several missing items. The GoFundMe page is set up to help the family with their expenses.

Good Samaritans

Several Good Samaritans have helped save a family from a burning motor home. One of the daughters was hospitalized after the fire. According to her family, she was sleeping in the bed when the fire started. Her daughter says it took eight minutes for the fire to get started. The space heater was hooked up to a power strip. The extension cord was also used to power the heater.

The family has requested community help. They say they have been trying to raise money to cover their expenses. A GoFundMe account has raised more than $55,000. The family is asking for the community’s help in finding the good Samaritans who helped them escape the fire.

The fire happened at the Sun N Fun RV Resort in Sarasota, Florida. The fire started when a space heater was placed too close to the bedding. A neighbor alerted the fire department and firefighters were called to the scene. They said it took eight minutes for the fire to get to the motor home.

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