Momma Dee Bryant Net Worth

Momma Dee’s diligence and perseverance have propelled her to the top of her field as a model, actress, and stock market investor.

Dee Bryant has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, such as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and The Products of the American Ghetto. Additionally, she is an experienced stunt driver – earning significant income through this profession.

Early Life and Education

Dee Bryant has built up an excellent reputation within the entertainment industry due to her diverse talents and bold personality. Never one to shy away from taking on new challenges or exploring her talents, Dee Bryant has achieved significant financial success over time as a singer, actress and reality TV star.

As well as snowboarding and wakeboarding, she also excels at stunt driving with unmatched skillset. Additionally, she earned her Class A license and completed a 3-year apprenticeship with Operating Engineers Union to learn to operate cranes, bulldozers and other heavy machinery.

At present, she and Ernest Bryant are happily married, with two children: Jasmine Brown and Darryl Richardson Jr. who is more commonly known by his nickname Lil Scrappy.

Professional Career

Dee Bryant is a veteran professional stunt driver with extensive film and television experience, having doubled for numerous A-List actors in commercials and movies. Additionally, Dee Bryant is a sought-after radio personality and author of two books.

Dee first appeared on VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012. Her husband Darryl Richardson (Lil Scrappy) co-stars as well. Dee has two children – son and daughter. Additionally, Dee recently launched her music career by releasing two singles called In That Order and I Deserve.

She is known as both an actor and singer; in addition, she also is a professional photographer who takes polaroid and booth pictures of TikTok stars for sale on Instagram and VH1 accounts.

Achievement and Honors

Dee Bryant joined the Army after high school to gain independence, develop new skills, and travel the world. She served both enlisted and officer ranks and considered her greatest achievement wearing her uniform proudly while honoring her nation.

Since 2012, she has co-starred on the hit reality television series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as co-star Darryl Richardson Jr (Lil Scrappy). Both are currently appearing in season 7 together.

Dee is an experienced stunt driver who can operate virtually any vehicle safely, which has led her to several lucrative projects such as working with top athletes. She has written two books with the intention of encouraging young people and helping them find success in life; Dee Bryant Inspired LLC was formed specifically with this aim in 2017.

Personal Life

Momma Dee is an esteemed American actress, singer, and reality TV personality best known for her appearances on VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta alongside Lil Scrappy and as an author on her book club series Lady Dee for over 10 years.

She is an accomplished stunt driver and car operator. In addition to driving vehicles proficiently, she has served as a stunt double for actors such as Nafessa Williams in Black Lightning and Candice Patton in The Flash.

Bryant is also an influential Instagram influencer and boasts an immense following on this platform, where she uses booth photography with consenting individuals in booth settings – her initiative, ‘Booth by Bryant, has reinvigorated this form of social media photobombing.

Net Worth

Dee Bryant has amassed a fortune through her photography jobs and brand collaborations. Her keen eye for beauty attracts clients while her unique sense of style draws them in as partners.

She is also an experienced stunt driver, having worked on over 100 commercials and television shows to double A-list actors. She can drive virtually any vehicle proficiently and perform stunts such as reverse 180’s and T-bone crashes.

Bryant is also a businesswoman and investor, owning Granity Studios. As an active philanthropist she has donated to various charitable causes over time. Additionally she is mother to two children and grandmother to three. Together with her husband she invested in a sports drink company which became immensely successful.

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