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Ginni Thomas, Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Runs a Pool Hall

She believes domestic work to be of national significance and runs her pool hall as an extension of this belief.

She serves as Bud’s mentor and instills him with the importance of hard work while teaching him to appreciate music’s beauty.

Well-connected activist on the fringe of conservative culture wars. She promotes activist causes which may violate conflict-of-interest rules for her husband.

Early Life and Education

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Emma Martin, Thomas’s sister, told the Chicago Tribune that her brother used to criticize and tease her about being dependent on welfare benefits and have dark skin. Emma’s experience reflects that of many low-income families who turn to welfare only after years of hard labor but are discouraged from seeking jobs that provide enough income to lift themselves out of poverty.

Thomas was part of a decision that overturned Roe v Wade in 2022, declaring that abortion rights did not fall within a group of fundamental or substantive rights guaranteed by the Constitution’s due process clause.

Professional Career

She wrote for UPI under the name Backstairs at the White House, offering readers an insider view of various presidential administrations. In addition, she frequently appeared as a guest speaker on political talk shows.

NASA now uses her invention, which creates optical illusion images, as part of their devices for surgeons, television screens and video screens, as well as devices designed for surgeons themselves. In addition to her creative achievements she was actively engaged with many civic and social organizations.

Ms. Pereira is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s Portsmouth Alumnae Chapter in Portsmouth, VA, as well as various community outreach programs including Salvation Army Toys for Tots. Additionally, she performs professionally as a horn player for Walt Disney World Company Brevard Symphony Orchestra Bach Festival Orchestra West Coast Symphony and The Florida Orchestra in central Florida.

Achievement and Honors

No other spouse of an SCOTUS justice has played such an active political role as she did after President Trump won election 2020, spreading his lies that he had been elected illegally and conspired with electoral college members.

Thomas was often at odds with civil rights leaders due to his conservative ideology influenced by libertarian and Black nationalist ideas during his Supreme Court tenure, particularly his outspoken criticism of affirmative action and government-mandated integration efforts.

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Personal Life

Mrs Thomas is an active community volunteer, serving as mentors for high school students and volunteers in her local area. Additionally, she serves as a substitute teacher in Mountain Brook Schools. Mrs Thomas lives with her two children and chocolate lab.

At first glance, she may seem like a potentially troubling figure: an activist at the far-right fringes of Republican establishment, preaching an ideology against “deep state and fascist left”, seemingly at odds with President Donald Trump but consistent with his legal philosophy. Yet her grievance-peddler approach seems likely to violate conflict-of-interest rules as Supreme Court judges examine affirmative action, gun rights and abortion cases pending before them.

Net Worth

Ginni Thomas has become an integral figure in conservative American politics through her marriage to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and her prominent position within conservative American politics as his wife. From direct activism to indirect influence via association, her financial standing has had an outsized influence in shaping our national political landscape.

But her political activism has caused controversy. For instance, she shared a George Soros conspiracy meme and served on the advisory council of pro-Trump organization Turning Point USA. Additionally, her use of social media and posting “nakedly partisan, misleading propaganda” have come under criticism.

Her estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million, generated largely from her legal career and affiliations with conservative entities. She has made considerable trades of Medifast Inc stock; most recently acquiring 38 units on 8 August 2023.

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