Mt Olive

Mt Olive – A Lifelong Lover of Pickles, Peppers and Relishes

Mt Olive pickles are an essential addition to sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs alike – as well as an appealing snack on their own! With nearly 100 years in business under its belt and being America’s best-selling pickle brand. Mt Olive was established in rural Eastern North Carolina.

Early Life and Education

Even during the worst years of the Great Depression, Mr Olive established his business. Aside from intellectual property law practice, he also helped found Mount Olive Junior College which continues today as four-year liberal arts institution affiliated with Original Free Will Baptist denomination.

Mr. Olive nurtured an interest in science and technology as part of his intellectual property practice. To do this, he established a library, read numerous journals, took classes at local colleges without seeking degrees, but simply for knowledge purposes – all this while maintaining his practice of intellectual property law.

Skipper was revered as a hero and is considered an example of civic-mindedness for making such an sacrifice, saving John “Hop” Foster, Lionel Hubbard, Vince Yrineo and retired Capt Jimmy Stanford’s lives in this way. His sacrifice taught many children and adults the value of caring about civic matters early in their lives. Experiences children encounter as children play an instrumental role in shaping both their development and overall health outcomes later on in life.

Professional Career

After his military service, Olive practiced patent law and established Olive & Olive in Durham – one of the earliest intellectual property firms in the Triangle – as one of their first intellectual property firms. As one of his specialties was protecting inventions from peanut harvesters to knitting machines to complex medical equipment like lasers and electronics he proved himself an adept protector.

Olive was dedicated to excellence and made a point of staying up-to-date on rapidly developing fields of his expertise. He amassed an extensive scientific library, read numerous journals and took courses at local colleges and universities – not in order to earn degrees, but simply broadening his horizons in new disciplines.

He made it a priority to foster his employees’ development by offering programs like Choose Growth in Leadership and Women in Leadership to assist managers and staff members gain new skillsets that would advance in their careers.

Achievement and Honors

Craig Olive was employed by USAID and served in Hawaii, the Philippines, Guam and American Samoa as an environment and natural resources management and policy specialist. Additionally, he served his community and made significant philanthropic donations throughout North Carolina; Johnston County named him their best community ambassador with numerous awards being bestowed upon him from its citizens.

He and his wife donated blood to the America Red Cross. Additionally, he was an active member of Westwood Hill Baptist Church where he participated on their softball and bowling teams; receiving numerous honors for his government service, bowling scores, and blood donations.

At that time, Mount Olive established a pickling operation to bolster local economic development and to educate members of their social responsibilities both locally and globally.

Personal Life

Olive was married and father to three children during his lifetime, which he used to cultivate an interest in science, the liberal arts and hard work as well as an appreciation for detail and persistence. Olive also contributed his time and talents to benefit his community; he was involved with Fort Smith Boys Shelter as well as helping launch Leadership Fort Smith.

In 1957, Billy Brown “BB” Olive founded what is now known as Olive & Olive in Durham, North Carolina as one of the first intellectual property firms and one of the first racially integrated firms. Olive & Olive continues to uphold the values and beliefs of its founder Billy Brown “BB” Olive by serving their local communities while providing quality legal services.

Net Worth

Care First Inc, a nursing home management company and Donrey Media Group (a multi-state publishing, real estate, and advertising firm). He directed the legal division of regional real estate development construction marketing company; clerked for U.S. District Judge Clarence W Allgood while practicing law in Birmingham Alabama.

He is the author of three books and has lectured at Samford University, Full Sail University and Webster University-Fort Smith Arkansas.

Olive is estimated to be worth an estimated US$300 Million, due to multiple sources including his acting career, co-founding Plan B Entertainment with Jennifer Aniston, Miraval Wine Business and endorsement deals with luxury brands.

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