My Future – BGCA’s Online Platform For Kids and Teens

My Future is BGCA’s online platform that provides kids and teens with high-quality activities that help them learn new skills, connect with their friends, and share their work. It works in virtual and onsite programs and gives Club staff robust data they can use for grant reporting, recognition and more!

Early Life and Education

There is a wide variety of programs in the United States that may impact early-life outcomes. These include WIC, home visiting with nurse practitioners, and high-quality early learning centers. There is also evidence that medical care, such as the screening for pregnancy complications such as eclampsia and the treatment of neonatal conditions like phenylketonuria, can improve early-life outcomes.

MyFuture is a virtual platform offering self-directed, digital programming that encourages youth to build new skills, earn career certifications and create creative projects. Use tools such as the Program Basics Planner and YD Toolbox to plan your MyFuture sessions. Use Club Posts to schedule synchronous and asynchronous content on MyFuture, and the Staff Dashboard to assign and track activities.

Clubs can offer MyFuture as independent, free choice programming or as part of whole group programming. Ensure members have their accounts and can access MyFuture by providing Member Password Cards.

Personal Life

Whether a youth is looking to build digital literacy skills, learn how to code or develop their photography and video editing skills, my future has content that can help! Many activities are easy to run in Club, or as virtual extensions of existing programs. MyFuture is also designed to be accessible for those with older technology and slower internet speeds, as many of the high-yield activities can be printed or done without technology. To help track your virtual programs, use tools such as the Staff Dashboard and YD Toolbox to assign activities and capture completion data.

The my future platform is supported by a robust, customizable Member Password Card that can be printed in-house to help members get started quickly.

Net Worth

This is the total value of everything you own, including cash and investments like stocks and mutual funds. It also includes valuable personal property like cars and jewelry, as well as your house and other real estate. Liabilities include outstanding bills and debts such as mortgages, credit card debt and car loans.

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