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Myles Thomas Net Worth

Myles Thomas was a right-handed pitcher who earned Major League baseball success for both the Yankees and Washington Senators. At 5 feet 9.5 in, Thomas weighed 170 lbs.

Once his playing career had come to a close, he turned his focus toward social work. He worked at several community organizations such as West Philadelphia Community Mental Health Consortium and CO-MHAR.

Early Life and Education

Myles Thomas hails from Boca Ciega, Florida where he completed high school before enlisting in the Army for eight years of service, earning four Bronze Stars and receiving the Army Accommodation Medal during that time.

Myles was an ardent Catholic seeking to combine helping others with spirituality. After joining the Jesuit Novitiate but being forced out due to spinal surgery, Myles found his calling in social work and strived to positively impact people’s lives.

He created a large community of friends, treating everyone with dignity, respect and extraordinary kindness. He never forgot a birthday and singlehandedly kept Hallmark in business by purchasing cards every holiday. In particular he was kind to the retired Jesuit priests living at Manresa Hall.

Professional Career

Thomas had an outstanding professional baseball career. He earned accolades playing for both the New York Yankees and Washington Senators, making an impactful mark along the way. Thomas helped Fred Haney advance to the majors while also supporting Pete Rose and Frank Robinson’s careers.

Huggins used him in relief in Game 3, giving Jim Bottomley a single, then making Les Bell hit into a double play and Chick Hafey ground out to third. It was Huggins who earned his first victory of this World Series.

Myles was an extraordinarily kind and generous individual. He amassed an extensive circle of friends whom he treated with the highest regard. Never forgetting birthdays and holidays alike, Myles always sent greeting cards on each one.

Achievement and Honors

Myles Thomas was renowned as an entertaining raconteur who could produce insightful Shakespearean quotes at will. Additionally, Myles Thomas was an experienced yachtsman who frequently ran guns into Ireland from Clifden for Erskine Childers and Conor O’Brien aboard their respective vessels Asgard and Kelpie.

Myles Thomas was chosen as one of Urban Shocker’s pallbearers upon his passing in 1928 due to his outstanding oratory and communication skills, making him the ideal person for this role. Myles spoke at his funeral service service with great eloquence and made an unforgettable impactful speech eulogizing Shocker as one of his pallbearers.

Myles Thomas was an enthusiastic volunteer who contributed his special brand of kindness to numerous groups and causes throughout his life. He often spent his time helping those in need – such as those living with dementia and mental health conditions – as well as frequently visiting Manresa Hall at Saint Joseph’s Loyola University as an infirmary for retired Jesuit priests.

Personal Life

After retiring from the military, Myles Thomas transitioned into pastoring, serving various churches across Florida and Missouri. Additionally, he was active with American Legion Post 282 in Kirksville Missouri as a volunteer member.

He worked as a mechanic in a city garage during the off-season, owned and managed his own truck dealership and was also an active churchgoer.

Douglas Alden’s 1927 The Diary of Myles Thomas is an innovative and groundbreaking serialized, deeply researched retelling of a Yankees season in real time on Medium. Narrated by Lenny Platt as Myles Thomas himself, this podcast takes place during New York City at the turn of the 20th century; depicting life including bootleggers, gangsters, movie stars and jazz legends in New York.

Net Worth

Myles Thomas currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million Dollars, thanks to appearances on various reality shows such as Shaunie’s Home Court, Basketball Wives and Shaq Life that likely brought in significant revenues for him.

He has earned additional income through endorsement deals with brands like Givenchy and Michael Kors, while appearing in numerous fashion shows.

He boasts an impressive social media presence with more than 4.7k Instagram followers and YouTube content that helps him earn good money. Soon, he plans on launching his own T-shirt and apparel line as well. Additionally, he is actively involved with multiple charities and foundations and has donated a substantial sum in order to provide assistance for needy individuals.

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