Nada Stockton

John Stockton and Nada Stockton

John Stockton is an iconic point guard who gained fame playing for Utah Jazz. Recently he has made headlines for his anti-vaccine stance; yet his personal life remains just as captivating.

Nada Stepovich has also been an integral part of his success; she shares a passion for basketball as much as her husband does and they share two daughters and four sons together: Lindsay and Laura for Lindsay as well as Houston Michael and Samuel respectively.

Early Life and Education

John Stockton is a legendary professional basketball player known for being one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. During his time with Utah Jazz he set an NBA record with most career assists. Furthermore he represented United States at 1992 Olympic Games where he earned gold.

Nada Stepovich is John Stockton’s wife. An avid sports enthusiast, she follows Croatian basketball club KK Cedevita with which she shares Montenegrin ancestry and twelve siblings as she raised them all together since 1986 when they married each other.

John and Nada have six children together: two daughters (Lindsay and Laura) and four sons: Houston, Michael, David and Samuel. The family lives in Spokane, Washington where John and Nada enjoy sharing their passion for sports with local athletes in Spokane.

Professional Career

Nada Stockton has long been associated with basketball. She is best known as being married to John Stockton, an ex-NBA player.

Stockton held numerous records during his 19-year career with the Utah Jazz, setting records in points, assists, steals, All-Star Games participation, and being on the 1992 US Olympic Team.

Nada was known to be one of the most supportive wives during her husband’s basketball days. Now she spends her days as a full-time mother, taking care to transport her children to baseball practice or soccer games. Their family lives in Spokane, Washington and includes six children: two daughters named Lindsay and Laura as well as four sons – Houston Michael David Samuel (Houston Michael David Samuel is nicknamed).

Achievement and Honors

Stockton held several NBA all-time assists and steals records during his 18 years with Utah Jazz, playing on their Olympic teams in 1992 and 1996.

Nada Stepovich and former NBA professional basketball player John Stockton tied the knot in 1986 and have remained married ever since.

They have six children together: Lindsay and Laura are daughters while Houston, Michael, David and Samuel are sons. The family resides in Spokane, Washington.

Nada and John are avid sports fans, especially basketball. She possesses extensive knowledge about the game and can provide details about John’s legendary tenure with the Jazz. Nada is also very generous, lending support for multiple organizations around Spokane and Salt Lake City.

Personal Life

Nada Stockton and John have been happily married since 1986, sharing six children between them: two daughters and four sons. Both parties practice Roman Catholicism and enjoy living a fulfilling life together.

Nada is an avid fan of basketball and supports her husband’s athletic endeavors. Additionally, she loves reading and writing poetry as hobbies. Additionally, Nada takes great interest in fashion and travel.

She is an ardent supporter of various charitable causes, running her own business (Matilda Investments LLC) as well as authoring an inspiring memoir entitled “Assisted”. G-rated for all audiences to enjoy reading Assisted, it features inspiring messages with practical life lessons for daily living.

Net Worth

John Stockton’s exceptional basketball skills have brought him international renown as one of the NBA’s most celebrated point guards, earning lucrative contracts that have increased his net worth and become highly sought-after brand endorsement ambassadors.

Real estate investments have allowed him to diversified his earnings and secure long-term financial security. Furthermore, sports memorabilia have allowed him to tap into the passion of basketball enthusiasts while carving a place for himself in the market.

Nada Stepovich and former professional basketball player John Stockton met while attending high school and have since been happily married since 1986, giving birth to six children – two daughters and four sons. They reside together in Spokane, Washington.

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