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Riot Games Announces New Star Guardian Event

The new Star Guardian event is almost here and it will bring new Champions and skins to League of Legends. This event is based around the anime theme, and Riot Games is doing their best to capture the spirit of the Star Guardians. Fans are excited to see the new Champions and skins.

The event will feature 12 new champion skins and a brand-new champion, Nilah. There will also be a new Star Guardian Event Pass and new Emotes, Chomas, Wards, and more. The event also features a new story, led by Akali and Kai’Sa. Players can play the new stories and earn skins.

Another Sky also features a Guardian Stories section, where players can find out more about the Star Guardians that they’ve unlocked. Players can click on any of the Star Guardians in the section, and it will show a short introduction story. If the player clicks close to a Star Guardian, more stories will show up.

Riot has yet to officially announce which Champions will receive new skins during the Star Guardians 2022 event, but a Twitter user has already noticed hints in the description of a video. In addition, reliable leakers have shared a lot of information regarding the event. The most popularly expected Champions are Ekko, Caitlyn, and Kai’Sa, while Fiddlesticks is a big surprise. This event is expected to last over two patches.

The new Star Guardian event will launch on July 14 and last for 10 weeks across Riot’s three League titles. The event aims to engage fans both online and offline. Players will be able to get new Star Guardian items and exclusive merch. Riot has partnered with various brands, such as the Good Smile Company, which is famous for their Nendoroid figures. They have also teamed up with Secretlab to produce merch. These items will be available at the event shop, where players can exchange Star Guardian Tokens for various items.

The new Star Guardian event will also feature a music video featuring the songs of Porter Robinson and a new in-client storyline. The track will be accompanied by a music video, telling the story of two League of Legends Star Guardians who are coming to terms with their loss. In addition, the new Star Guardian event will be available on all major streaming services.

As the game’s story unfolds, players will forge bonds between Star Guardians to help them reach the next level. By completing certain objectives, players will earn more Starlight and unlock new Star Guardian skins. In addition, players can build bonds with Star Guardians to earn rewards for each one. These bonds are earned through gameplay, and the player can earn up to nine Bonds during each game.

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