New Warzone Smg

The New Warzone SMG – The Best Sniper Support Weapon in Modern Warfare

If you are looking for a solid sniper support weapon, the Warzone SMG is a good choice. Despite the recent nerf, it is still a great choice for sniper play. The problem is the ammo capacity and damage drop off. However, with a recent buff, you should be able to use it more effectively.


The MAC-10 is one of the few guns from the first Modern Warfare to have continued to represent well in the battle royale meta. While it isn’t the fastest or most accurate SMG, it is consistently reliable. One of the players who continues to do very well with this weapon is NICKMERCS, who uses the “Regal Sword” Legendary Weapon Blueprint to add some extra pizazz to his build. Most players are using a similar build, but he has a few differences.

For example, the MAC-10’s damage and range can be increased by buying the Agency Suppressor muzzle, which increases the weapon’s range. In addition to this, it also hides the weapon from enemy minimaps. Aside from the muzzle, you can also equip additional accessories to enhance the performance of the MAC-10. The STANAG 53 Rnd Drum is an additional accessory that will increase the range of your weapon. Additionally, the Tiger Team Spotlight will increase your aim walking and movement speed. Raider Stock is another weapon that you can equip, which buffs sprint-to-fire time and gives you extra mobility.

H4 Blixen

The H4 Blixen in the new Warzone SMG has many advantages and can help you win the battle. This weapon has excellent mobility and is deadly at close range. It also has improved accuracy and recoil control. It is the best aggressive weapon in the game.

A popular Warzone YouTuber, JGOD, has developed a new loadout for the H4 Blixen in COD Warzone Season 3. This new SMG is a great do-it-all SMG with a good damage profile.


The AK-74u is a versatile weapon that can be used in both close range and ranged combat. Its smg and amplification buff make it ideal for close-range combat, and its Stims provide additional speed and healing. It also features a 40-round extended magazine with a larger amount of ammo. Aside from its smg, the AK-74u has other useful abilities, such as Overkill, which lets you take two primary weapons, and Amped, which allows you to change weapons faster.

The AK-74u has been improved upon by the new Warzone Loadout. This combination of attachments increases damage output, range, and accuracy, and allows players to customize their weapon’s recoil control and range. It is not a recommended main weapon, but a good companion for it is a long-range AR, such as the FARA 83. Although this weapon has a lower mobility rating than the AK-74u, it is still a good choice if you’re looking for a versatile, reliable weapon.

Type 100

Type 100 is a submachine gun that is perfect for close-quarters combat. It is a single shot SMG that has a short reload time and high damage. Several patches have improved the Type 100’s effectiveness and have made it one of the best weapons to play.

It is a fast fire weapon, chambering the most powerful bullets in Warzone and dealing the most damage. The high bullet velocity allows these weapons to hit their targets more quickly than any other weapon type. The downside to this type of weapon is its high recoil, which can leave the Operator reeling after each shot. Fortunately, it can be mounted and outfitted with several recoil-reducing attachments to minimize its effects.


Raven Software has revamped the PPSH-41 (Black Ops Cold War) SMG in Warzone. Before, the weapon was difficult to line up shots due to its kick, and with the nerf, it no longer kicks in a way that is difficult to judge. Now, it has improved pick rate and has greater accuracy.

In Warzone, the PPSH-41 Submachine Gun is a very strong choice for close quarters combat. The high recoil and high rate of fire makes it deadly in close quarters. To enhance its efficiency in this type of combat, you can use attachments like the Tight Grip Perk to boost its accuracy and stability.

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