Noah Allison

Noah Allison – A Nevada Construction Lawyer

Noah Allison excelled as an outstanding student, athlete, and community member at Mars Hill University. He loved its small town atmosphere and tight community feel.

His scholarship draws from daily experiences of urban and social life. His studies center around migration, difference politics, and care work across various cities.

Early Life and Education

Noah participated in the Bonner Scholar Program under Cindy Frost, its Coordinator. During this time he became an active part of his community by participating in bi-weekly 4-H Clubs through Cooperative Extension and senior adult programs at Madison Community Services.

As a sophomore, he led the Gators to an undefeated season by averaging 14.2 points and 7.1 rebounds per game – playing an instrumental part in their victory over one of the nation’s premier programs in the Elite Eight tournament.

He was an ardent champion of those less fortunate and will be dearly missed by all who knew him. Tony and Angela Allison of Redmond; Brad and Joy Hopkins from Newton, Kansas; aunts, uncles and cousins will cherish his memory.

Professional Career

Noah Allison is an attorney known for handling some of Nevada’s largest, most complex construction disputes. Known for his hard work ethic and devotion to his clients, he has provided pro bono services to various non-profit and religious organizations.

He serves on the Board of Directors for Gray Plunkett Jydstrup Senior Living and the ACE Mentor Program of Southern Nevada, working on projects to assist low-income seniors and students interested in design fields.

Tony and Angela Allison of Redmond; grandparents Tolly and Teena Allison of Marshall, NC; aunts Kelly Hopkins and Ann Allison both from Salina, Kansas; cousins Aden Hopkins (Grace), Adrian Hopkins, Kara Hopkins, Curtis Gibson (Kendal & Callie Gibson), Phi Ayers; as well as numerous great-aunts and uncles (Tolly/Teena Allison); as well as numerous great-aunts/uncles) were left behind to cherish their memories of him forever.

Achievement and Honors

Noah is an enthusiastic and hard-working student who cares deeply for his community. He has taken part in various community service projects, such as helping protect new species under the Endangered Species Act and banding Hawaiian songbirds that have become endangered. Additionally, he seeks to educate others about biodiversity issues facing wildlife across North America.

He serves on the boards of Gray Plunkett Jydstrup Senior Living and the ACE Mentor Program of Southern Nevada, in addition to offering pro bono services to numerous other non-profits and religious organizations. Furthermore, he enjoys hiking and camping with his family.

Anthony Cleveland and Angela Allison; aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends will continue his legacy of love and service to his community in Concordia, Kansas. Funeral service will be held Tuesday November 16 at Chaput-Buoy Funeral Home Concordia Kansas.

Personal Life

Noah Allison remains optimistic despite his tragic background, boasting quick wit and delighting in playing practical jokes on others. Additionally, he’s an enthusiastic student who plays music regularly; plus co-founding Allison Law Firm together with his brother Noah.

He possesses a strong sense of community and takes an interest in his local environment. He has participated in many volunteer projects and coordinated biweekly 4-H Clubs through NC Cooperative Extension as well as senior adult programs at Madison Community Services.

He is blessed to be surrounded by family members such as his parents, aunts and uncles as well as an extended network. Adrian Hopkins lives in Salina, Kansas while Curtis and Kara Gibson of Wichita reside nearby in Wichita as do Kelly Ayers of Moses Lake Washington; Jordan Dowland from Moses Lake as do Phi Ayers as do Kendal Gibson who reside there as well as many more great-aunts and uncles.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the total value of all an individual’s assets (such as savings and investments ) less their liabilities ( such as loans). Tracking one’s net worth provides an important glimpse of their financial health as it allows you to set realistic goals.

Noah is an impressive athlete, having won multiple medals in track and field competition. Additionally, he is well known as an actor and singer; having appeared in movies such as In Sanity Florida Mille Muse Jr. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr.

Noah enjoys a large following on social media. His home is beautiful and his activities provide him with ample income. Noah works out regularly to stay fit. Additionally, he’s known to donate generously to local non-profits and community projects.

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