Noah Beller

Noah Beller – A Tribute to a Valparaiso High School Football Player

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On March 3rd 2021, 19-year-old Valparaiso High School student and basketball player Noah Beller was murdered by Keith Blake over their disagreement regarding paternity tests and money paid for them.

Early Life and Education

Noah Beller was an all-American athlete and an outstanding member of Valparaiso High School’s football team, while also participating on its varsity baseball and basketball squads. Having graduated from Valparaiso in 2021, he remains popular both as an academic scholar and community member.

Keith Blake was accused of murdering Noah on March 3, 2021 by signing this petition to show the residing judge that Noah’s life matters and Keith deserves no bail. Sign it now so you can show Keith that Noah deserves to remain free! His bond hearing is scheduled for this week and this petition can show them they don’t deserve it!

Noah Wronko, one of Beller’s friends who works at a nearby sporting goods store and is raising funds for his family through green T-shirts and hoodies bearing Beller’s jersey number, remembers him fondly as being an easygoing and lighthearted individual who always ensured everyone was having an enjoyable time.

Professional Career

Beller not only excelled on the gridiron, but he was also an outstanding physical therapist for Valparaiso University’s football team and community. He helped train and recover from injuries throughout the year and was essential in helping win Valpo their state championship title in 2022. For his dedication and hard work as part of both groups he received a 2022 Class 5A State Runner-up Football Ring as a thank you gift from Valparaiso University.

Beller has submitted 60 letters on his behalf, many of them threatening Fish and other professionals involved in this case.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Cole Beller was an exceptional young man with deep connections in Valparaiso’s community, from football to family relationships and beyond. Keith Blake took his life, so we must do all we can to support Noah Cole Beller’s family while bringing justice into this case by signing this petition demonstrating to the judge why Blake should not receive bail given his violent crimes.

RBR drama teacher and theatre director Joe Russo received the Count Basie Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Basie Awards ceremony in Little Silver. Patrick Monaghan from Little Silver and Katherine Kennedy from Avon-by-the Sea each won Basie awards for their roles in Much Ado About Nothing at RBR – lighting designer Matt Suska is also from Little Silver and joined Russo onstage to present this honor to Russo.

Personal Life

Noah Beller was a gifted football player and role model to his numerous friends and family members. His passion for life made him available whenever someone needed help, never wanting anything in return.

He was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and taken from his parents’ custody after they missed chemotherapy sessions to seek alternative treatments, according to court records.

He was a senior at University Christian School where he held several roles: class president, member of National Honor Society and volunteer at local nursing homes. Additionally, he played on their varsity football team. With a 3.6 GPA, his book focused on his love of basketball and how during New Orleans’ Covid-19 pandemic that saw more than 100 rims removed from courts – an obsession shared with millions around the globe.

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