Noah Brodsky

Noah Brodsky

Noah Brodsky serves as chief brand officer of Lindblad Expeditions in Orlando. With extensive hospitality industry experience and proven leadership abilities, he brings immense value to Lindblad Expeditions as its CBO.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Green served as senior vice president of worldwide loyalty and engagement at Wyndham Destinations, leading their enterprise-level digital, brand, CRM, partnership and PR departments. Furthermore, he held various marketing and operations roles across five continents.

Early Life and Education

Noah Becker is a visual artist, writer and saxophonist whose work has been featured in The Guardian, VICE Garage Whitehot Interview Magazine as well as teaching internationally as well as contributing text for major monographs published by Rizzoli and Hatje Cantz.

As soon as he began publishing his clever, ironic poetry, Soviet authorities condemned and persecuted him, while Western literary establishment embraced him and provided support during exile. Today he stands as an advocate for freedom.

At this point, he discovered the English metaphysical poets – particularly John Donne. Their themes and forms resonated strongly with him, reflecting his feelings of alienation in Russia. These poets’ work greatly influenced later poems written in English or translated from Russian. Additionally, he read extensively from original authors including Virgil, Aleksandr Pushkin, Osip Mandelstam, Claude Levi-Strauss Eugenio Montale and Constantine Cavafy among many others.

Professional Career

Whitehot Magazine and VICE published his articles. Additionally, his visual art and saxophone performance work has been showcased internationally.

He serves on the board of Orlando Pride Chamber of Commerce and co-chairs their Marketing & Related Services Committee. In addition, he holds both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Travel + Leisure Group recently debuted on the New York Stock Exchange as an independent public company spun off from Wyndham Worldwide Corporation based out of Parsippany, N.J. Mr. Corbett previously served as Senior Vice President-Worldwide Loyalty & Engagement with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Brodsky is an award-winning physics student with an emphasis in astronomy. While at Macalester he earned three Honor Roll recognition and earned the department’s Most Distinct Student Achievement award.

Apart from his accomplishments in hospitality and travel, he is an accomplished author with his book released by Simon & Schuster in 2022. Additionally, he is widely recognized as an industry expert on brand innovation specializing in global hospitality branding, customer loyalty programs, digital and integrated campaign strategies as well as integrated campaign strategies.

As President, Travel + Leisure Group, Noah oversees all strategic branding, loyalty programs, customer experience initiatives, corporate marketing programs, and corporate brand strategies of the company. He first joined in 2014 as Chief Brand Officer before serving in this capacity until August 2017. Noah earned a Bachelor’s degree from Macalester College.

Personal Life

Noah Brodsky makes time for both family and self-care as the Chief Brand Officer of Travel + Leisure Group and Lindblad Expeditions, prioritizing goal setting and self-care practices to stay healthy and stay motivated in his career.

He currently resides in Orlando, Florida with his husband and two-year-old son. Noah serves on the board of The Pride Chamber of Orlando as well as possessing extensive expertise in global hospitality branding, customer loyalty/engagement strategies and integrated marketing campaigns.

Formerly President of Travel + Leisure Group (a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide Corp), where he oversaw enterprise level digital, brand, CRM, partnership and PR departments; before that as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Loyalty Engagement at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts as well as various sales and marketing roles with Starwood Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels.

Net Worth

Noah Brodsky is estimated to be worth approximately $1 Million. Currently serving as Chief Brand Officer at Wyndham Destinations based out of Orlando, Florida area; previously President- Travel Plus Leisure Group at Wyndham Worldwide as well as Senior Vice President- Loyalty & Engagement of Wyndham Hotel Group.

Lindblad Expeditions Holdings was also one of his employers; here he served as Chief Brand Officer overseeing marketing, CRM and partnerships.

According to his Form 4 filing with the SEC, Noah Brodsky has made no insider transactions at Travel+Leisure Co (TNL) within 18 months; his only transaction has been the sale of shares for $346,921 total. Noah Brodsky is son of former NFL quarterback Dennis Gaudencio and lives in Florida.

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