Noah E Storch

Noah E Storch Files a Lawsuit Against JAI LAXMI INVESTMENTS INC

Noah E Storch filed suit against JAI LAXMI INVESTMENTS INC in Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit Court.

Richard Celler Legal, P.A. is delighted to welcome attorney Noah E. Storch to its contingency fee employment law practice. Mr. Storch specializes in employment claims on behalf of workers. Additionally, he possesses considerable experience defending companies at one of the world’s premier management-side defense firms.

Early Life and Education

Noah, one of the biblical figures best-known for building an ark at God’s command and saving himself and all life on land from a devastating global flood caused by sinful humans, built an ark to shelter himself, his family and all land animals from what became known as Noah’s Flood. Once dry ground had appeared after an olive leaf returned with its message from inside the Ark was sent out into space by dove sent from it returned carrying dry ground signs, Noah knew dry land had finally emerged.

After the flood, Noah built an altar, planted the first vineyard, and became one of the earliest drunkards ever recorded (Genesis 9:20-21). Due to his drunken behavior and treatment of Ham’s son Canaan, Canaan cursed all his descendants forever (Genesis 9:27).

Noah lived after the flood for 350 years, before passing away at age 950. His name symbolizes peace and comfort provided by God to mankind.

Professional Career

Attorney Noah Storch has over 13 years of legal experience practicing law in Florida. His practice encompasses labor and employment litigation as well as wage and hour lawsuits (overtime, minimum wage, commissions and final paychecks). Furthermore, he has extensive knowledge in defending whistleblower claims.

Recently, he joined Richard Celler Legal P.A of Miami – a contingency fee employment law firm with experience representing multinational management-side clients at one of the world’s top global management-side defense firms – which now allows him to offer his expertise as a worker advocate.

He has extensive experience handling various cases and boasts an outstanding track record. Dedicated to providing high-quality representation for his clients, he speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

Personal Life

Noah was a joyful and affectionate youngster. He enjoyed playing outside, going to the park and stopping by stores for snacks or beverages; helping around the house; spending time with siblings, cousins, friends and even pets!

Storch also appeared in the television series, F Troop and played Chief Sitting Bull in a Broadway revival of “Porgy and Bess.” Beyond his legal career, Storch has also been heavily involved with many aspects of music industry.

Celler Legal, P.A. is delighted to welcome attorney Noah E. Storch as part of its contingency fee employment law firm team. Mr. Storch’s practice will focus on employment litigation for Florida employees.

Net Worth

Storch was recently highlighted in a 2010 Miami New Times profile as having one of the most lavish lifestyles ever, boasting 13 cars (including an over $600k McLaren), a $20 million yacht and an 18,000 square-foot mansion worth $10 million each. He counts Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian among his friends.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he amassed an immense fortune during his music career; at one time it is said to have exceeded $100 million in assets, according to reports by TMZ. Unfortunately, in 2009 he filed for bankruptcy.

Noah Storch of Florida Overtime Lawyer specializes in representing employees and individuals involved in wage and hour litigation, whistleblower cases, discrimination harassment or retaliation cases under Florida Civil Rights Act Title VII or other employment related statutes.

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