Noah Foley

The Life of Noah Foley

Foley creates the sound effects that give movies their sense of reality, such as footsteps, doors shutting, or cloth swishing back and forth. He began working in film in 1914 during the silent era.

Clifton and Kelli Foley allege that their son, Noah, received the Gardasil human papillomavirus vaccine and suffered severe side effects prior to his death at age 13. Their lawyers filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Merck in 2022.

Early Life and Education

Noah Tate Foley was an active, healthy boy who loved playing video games with his sister, hunting and fishing with his father, riding four-wheelers with his little brother and attending school. Additionally, he was deeply committed to his church community and family; always making time for them and enjoying spending time together.

Noah visited Duke University Medical Center shortly after receiving the Gardasil injection to be examined by various specialists, such as pediatric gastroenterologist and rheumatology specialists to identify an underlying cause for his persistent fevers and abnormal blood work results.

Natasha Provan will return for her 11th summer at Camp Foley and teach canoeing, snorkeling and photography classes – we couldn’t be more delighted! Thank you Natasha!

Professional Career

Ethan is currently studying Government Procurement and Antitrust Law at George Washington Law. In his free time he enjoys listening to true crime podcasts as well as baking cookies.

Before joining GW, he clerked at the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and worked as an intern with the National Labor Relations Board. Now at GW, his practice encompasses renewable energy projects’ regulatory issues; development contracts; contracting arrangements and acquisition matters.

Foley first met Noah Denning of Hornell while accepting the Sports Night Achievement Award from Challenger Little League. As soon as possible after this momentous achievement was met with, Foley made good on his promise to take Noah on a magical tour to see WWE stars perform live in Rochester; their special trip included backstage visits, where wrestlers signed an authentic Mick Foley T-shirt as well as conversations with John Cena, CM Punk, and Kofi Kingston among many others.

Achievement and Honors

Foley is an accomplished businessperson with interests spanning professional sports, private golf clubs, residential communities, boutique hotels and ski resorts. Additionally, he is widely-recognized as an award-winning winery owner/purveyor managing several acclaimed estates worldwide.

Noah Denning from Hornell was immediately drawn in when he met WWE superstar Mick Foley during a Sports Night event in Rochester in April 2012 and immediately became friends. Foley was taken with Denning’s interest in wrestling and said that they could attend live events together in the future.

Foley then offered to provide a limousine ride from Long Island to Rochester for an upcoming Raw event, where they spent over an hour backstage meeting wrestlers such as John Cena, CM Punk and others.

Personal Life

Noah was an active, healthy boy who enjoyed playing soccer and spending time with his family. An all-star in his league and an exceptional athlete with speed, agility, endurance and passing capabilities; Noah was truly one of a kind!

Roughly two weeks after receiving his Gardasil shot, the child began experiencing high fevers – up to 102.9 degrees. Although they saw various doctors including an Infectious Disease specialist from Duke University Medical Center, no cause could be identified for their symptoms.

Clifton and Kelli Foley filed a lawsuit against Merck alleging they promoted Gardasil, their son’s single HPV vaccine, with knowledge of its limited efficacy, severe side effects and potential fatality. Kelli Foley has stated she will pursue justice until all parties involved have had their day in court.

Net Worth

Noah Foley was born four months prematurely to Amy Judge and given minimal chances for survival; yet he managed to make it and now leads an incredible life as an actor, musician and producer.

He is best-known for playing Gibby in the Nickelodeon series iCarly and has also made guest appearances on other series such as ER and Phineas and Ferb. Through these projects and others he has amassed his current net worth.

After being cast as Klaes Ashford on The Expanse from 2018-2019 on Syfy, his salary increased and he also acted on Broadway and supported a summer camp for children with heart disease. His salary increased for season three of Stranger Things as his contract expanded; additionally, his salary was raised for season three as his salary was increased accordingly.

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