Noah Frederick

Noah Frederick

Noah Frederick was previously employed as the Graduate Assistant for Aquatics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As such, he orchestrated swim lesson programs, practices, and summer camps at this campus. Noah is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan who also enjoys music.

Dickson Preston outlines in Young Frederick Douglass, the Maryland Years that Jenny and Noah fled their home when faced with the imminent sale of their children to slave traders.

Early Life and Education

Elijah and Noah Frederick, senior identical twin brothers from Sebring High School’s Trojan football program, share similar attitudes when it comes to high school football.

Though both are widely recognized for their offensive production, they also take great pleasure in doing everything in their power to help the team win.

No matter where his efforts took him, from performing at church concerts to volunteering with Durham Park and Recreation’s Playground Camp program, his contributions always benefitted his local community. Numerous local organizations have received donations in his memory; Biega Funeral Home in Middletown is handling arrangements in his name; contributions may also be made in lieu of flowers to The Frederick Gunn School music program or Durham Park and Recreation in his name.

Professional Career

He has collaborated with an impressive array of directors and producers, such as Corey Feldman, Noah Wyle and Michael Imperioli. Additionally, he sang with the Yale Spizzwinks a cappella group.

Frederick was outraged to find trash such as plastic bags, rubber bands, needles and condoms littering the beach. To address this problem she founded Project Save Our Surf: an ocean conservation and clean drinking water nonprofit.

Frederick joined Toledo women’s swimming & diving coaching staff as an assistant swim coach in May 2022, overseeing lesson programs, practices, summer camps, clinics and All-American performances of 22 All-American performances (seven in 2022 and 15 in 2023). Furthermore, Frederick has also been an active member of the Indiana County YMCA since July 2022.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Frederick has received numerous honors and awards over the years for both his academic achievements as well as for his efforts on the field and within his community.

Noah never allowed his leg disability to stop him from participating in sports; rather he used it as motivation. Throughout high school he played soccer and golf – setting both program and state records during both his junior and senior seasons.

He currently serves as graduate assistant swimming and diving coach for Toledo women’s team, orchestrating swim lesson programs, practices, summer camps and clinics – helping athletes attain 22 All-American performances over two years.

Personal Life

Noah was a Life Scout in Boy Scout Troop 270 and sang at the Normandy service this spring. Additionally, he participated in The Frederick Gunn School music program as a pianist for their orchestra.

He was an ardent Pittsburgh Steelers supporter and loved music of all types, while his passion was drawing. A talented artist, he regularly posted drawings to Instagram–from childhood sketches of cartoon characters to more recently created Anime and nature scenes–plus enjoyed driving cars and lifting weights.

Frederick was also active as a volunteer with his school’s Swim and Dive team, helping coaches run clinics, practices, summer camps and lessons for them. He was particularly proud of helping Rachel Johnson make it onto the 2023 NCAA Division II All-American team for both swimming and diving.

Net Worth

He is one of the media’s most recognizable figures and his net worth has reached $100 million. He hosts The Daily Show comedy program and enjoys immense social media popularity with an estimated 100 million+ followers worldwide.

At St. Thomas More, running back Noah Frederick was often misjudged due to his diminutive size; but these moments of exasperation became motivation for the diminutive athlete, who used his underdog status as an asset.

Noahs’ Frederick Management Corp is a family-owned property management company located in Frederick County, MD that boasts unparalleled knowledge, expertise and stability within the real estate industry. As marketing liaison for his business he also enjoys playing competitive sports while spending quality time with Sarah – his wife!

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