Noah G​illard

Noah Gillard Wins Indiana Amateur Championship

Noah Gillard of Greenwood managed to beat out Adam Bratton from Newburgh by three shots to claim the Indiana Amateur Championship at Sycamore Hills after suffering through multiple rain delays at Sycamore. Gillard, an ex-University of Illinois golfer, won by virtue of rain delays alone at Sycamore.

Gillard took advantage of an early rain delay by sinking a birdie putt on the 15th hole, before going on to separate himself from Bratton with two more birdies on 16th hole.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Noah Gillard of Greenwood, Indiana made an impressionful statement that he’s one of Indiana’s premier amateur golfers on Wednesday at Sycamore Hills Golf Club in Indianapolis despite rain delays to take down Adam Bratton from Newburgh by three shots and win the Indiana Amateur Championship by three strokes.

University of Illinois junior Ryan Liang surged to an early four-shot advantage following birdies on holes three and four during his opening round. Unfortunately, however, his double bogey on par-5 15th hole drastically narrowed that margin down to only two shots.

After parring 16th, he kept his cool to make an impressive comeback, sinking a 9-foot putt for birdie on 17th and parring 18th and thus becoming only player since former PGA Tour pro Jeff Overton (1903-04) to win back-to-back titles at Indiana Amateur level.

Net Worth

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