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Noah Fant and the Tulsa NOAH Jaguars

Tulsa NOAH entered this tournament stacked with talent – from future Division-I defensive lineman Javonte Adams and star quarterback and receiver group to four of five returning offensive linemen and five returning linebackers – and expected to compete for a national title. And it did exactly that and more!

Christian Kirk used an end around move to gain ground inside of Jaguars territory, only for Trevor Lawrence to throw into traffic on third down and end Kirk’s drive.

Early Life and Education

Noah was raised in New York City, attending Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts while also growing up as an avid basketball player and enjoying playing with neighborhood children on playground courts during his free time.

Noah quickly made an impactful first impression during his NBA rookie season, quickly becoming known for his passion and commitment to his game. He would go after every loose ball and engage in heated debates with opponents like LeBron James; it was clear his desire overpowered fashion; he never quit.

In 1998, seventeen families came together to form an organization that would provide homeschooled students in Northeast Oklahoma with sports programs, from basketball to football, volleyball and soccer. Over time the program expanded from basketball to include other sports – football being its original focus and basketball becoming its secondary focus as it moved along its trajectory. Last year’s team won the National Homeschool Tournament Championship and now several of its players have received offers from Division 1 schools!

Professional Career

He’s a large and powerful player with an exceptional arm, possessing impressive instincts against the run game that allow him to quickly diagnose play designs and position himself to make tackles.

He is inconsistent as a pass catcher, yet has shown his dedication and ability to work hard on his craft and improve as a blocker. At the Senior Bowl he made a stunning one-handed catch that overshadowed some inconsistent efforts during practice sessions.

Noah is an inspiring leader who is committed to both basketball and his teammates. His passion makes him one of the most beloved Chicago Bulls players ever; his enthusiasm makes him even more likeable than many. While his absence will be felt by some players on other teams, no other group can quite match up to the tight knit bond Noah created among his own squad.

Achievement and Honors

The NOAH Jaguars, a homeschool sports league that recently won their inaugural National Homeschool Tournament championship and many of their players are being recruited by colleges, are making waves in homeschool sports leagues across the nation. Coach James Ballinger expects great things of this team in future competitions.

As a sophomore, shared starting responsibilities at right tackle and earned a team-leading 85 percent grade after grading out better on seven occasions… Also contributed eight knockdowns and four cut blocks, for 12 total points up front against Air Force. Tulsa NOAH won both regular season and post season playoff games against Oklahoma-ranked opponents – something no other NHFA team had previously achieved.

Personal Life

The Tulsa NOAH Jaguars, a homeschool sports team based out of Oklahoma City, has seen great success this year. After winning the national homeschool football championship and having multiple players recruited by top colleges, coach James Ballinger is immensely proud of his team and their efforts.

The NOAH Jaguars of Oklahoma is a homeschool sports league that allows athletes to compete against teams from both private schools and some public schools, while running on fees from both parents and students. Recently it was reported that Allonzo Trier – a high school basketball star from Tulsa who lives with mentor Jonathon Bluitt – would join this team, even though it would disqualify him from eligibility to participate in national tournaments such as homeschool national tournament.

Net Worth

Noah Fant, an NFL tight end with the Seattle Seahawks and an estimated net worth of $2 Million, is in an open relationship with Avree Anderson and regularly posts pictures together on social media platforms such as Instagram.

NOAH Jaguars homeschooled sports league and have just recently won their inaugural championship title! The team boasts many talented players that are being recruited by top colleges.

Shad Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and fifth in terms of net worth in terms of NFL ownership. This year his wealth grew by more than $4.5 billion according to Forbes’ annual report on billionaires; making him the second-richest owner in the AFC conference.

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