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As coronavirus forced fashion industry workers into working from home, Brendon Babenzien used his dining room table to oversee his independent menswear brand Noah – known for its mix of streetwear and prepwear fashion – from its office. Noah pioneered an ethical approach to apparel production.

Noah has long held that cool is meaningless without kindness, which is why one percent of their sales go towards grassroots environmental groups and they release one-off items throughout the year to support causes they believe in.

Early Life and Education

Trevor Noah has made waves in the comedy world since becoming host of The Daily Show. Since then, he has made waves while building up a fan base along his journey.

His style is inspired by skate, surf and music culture and blends that with classic menswear designs to produce effortlessly cool essentials that fit seamlessly into any modern man’s closet.

Noah made its debut during Fall/Winter 2015 following Babenzien’s departure from Supreme, yet its origins go much deeper. Noah incorporates elements of Supreme’s iconic rugged “fuck you” individualism but in an understated manner; thus giving mainstream fashion more recognition of lifestyle expressions such as Noah.

Professional Career

Noah founder Brendon Babenzian’s brand was created with one aim in mind: connecting with skaters, streetwear fans and culture cultivators who had moved past the hype, hysteria, security guards and velvet ropes of Supreme. Noah stands as an alternative in that its clothes speak just as loudly about what they say as how they look; its graphic designs often bear hidden symbolism from pirate references to pleas for environmental preservation.

Babenzian also takes pride in their own activism, giving one percent of sales to grassroots environmental groups and offering limited-edition goods that support different causes. These initiatives demonstrate their belief that authenticity cannot exist without kindness.

Achievement and Honors

Noah earned academic all-conference honors in both cross country and bowling. Additionally, he founded Computers for Student Success to assist students by providing them with refurbished computers. Furthermore, he served as Homecoming King and Thompson Scholars Learning Community finalist.

Noah strives to offer fashion consumers an ethical shopping experience. They donate one percent of annual sales to grassroots environmental groups and release limited-edition clothing each year in support of social justice causes. Their ethos centers around their belief that “cool without kindness is ultimately hollow”. Their distinctive aesthetic combines skate, surf and music cultures with classic menswear design for effortlessly cool essentials like hoodies, rugby shirts and chinos.

Personal Life

Brendon Babenzian made it clear when he returned Noah to prominence in 2015 that his desire was for skaters, streetwear enthusiasts, and cultural curators to come together more. Noah lives up to that mantra through collaborations with Vans sneakers, Sperry boat shoes and Italian cashmere as well as mixing prep military and nautical influences with late 80’s punk rock and post punk references.

Babenzian learned through his career in streetwear that coolness without kindness was hollow, and integrated this belief into the brand’s DNA. They donate one percent of sales to grassroots environmental groups as well as release limited-edition merchandise in support of various causes throughout the year – setting an example for other brands to follow!

Net Worth

As a television host, actor, and comedian Noah has earned himself an enormous paycheck. Notably he hosted the Grammys three consecutive years as well as other shows.

Noah has also established his own brand and invested in numerous startups. Additionally, he owns a snack brand offering products with natural and healthy ingredients – evidence that diversifying your career portfolio is the way forward.

South African native Kogan boasts an estimated net worth of $100 Million. As Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily Show, where he made $5-8 Million annually during the early years. Furthermore, Kogan released several stand-up comedy specials and currently resides in an impressive Bel-Air mansion while saving a significant percentage of his income and living an austere lifestyle.

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