Noah Sisung

Noah Sisung – A Young Man Full of Life

Noah Sisung lived his life to its fullest. According to his obituary, he devoted himself to both family and faith.

Trina Coolman was distraught after hearing two teens charged in juvenile court were responsible for shooting her 18-year-old son, Noah Sisung. On October 22 near South Pennsylvania Avenue and Kendon Drive he was fatally shot.

Early Life and Education

Noah Sisung was an energetic young man who made sure he lived life to its fullest. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends and working alongside his father at Sisung Construction.

He was taken from us too soon, yet will always be remembered fondly. He was easygoing and friendly – making many friends throughout his lifetime -, was devoted husband and father, loved son to Trina Coolman and David Sisung; leaving behind siblings Alex Sisung and Cheyenne Cohee as well.

His funeral service took place Tuesday at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Gretna and his body was interred at St. Joseph Cemetery nearby. His mother and brother will greatly miss him. Two of the teens involved have been sentenced to an adult detention center until their 21st birthdays are reached, with hearings taking place every six months to determine their eligibility.

Professional Career

Noah Sisung was known as an accommodating best friend who showed great affection to his family and lived in the present, according to Alex. He enjoyed mushroom hunting – much to Alex’s displeasure – yet would often eat what he found while exploring wooded areas.

At De La Salle High School, he graduated as valedictorian of his class of 2020 and was an active member of Rho Kappa, the national Latin honor society chapter, and Tri-M music honor society. Additionally, he worked at both his father’s construction company and family friend’s HVAC company, according to Shelton.

On Oct. 22, Lansing resident Sisung was shot and killed on a Lansing street, according to police reports. Two juveniles have since been charged as juveniles for his murder – something his mother Trina Coolman is outraged by as adults would likely face prosecution instead.

Achievement and Honors

Noah was deeply committed to both family and faith. He enjoyed listening to “Tweety” birds as well as Spanish music and watching western movies and football games. At De La Salle High School he earned honor roll status and joined both JCL national Latin honor society chapter and Rho Kappa social studies honor society chapter, plus serving as second chair cello in their string orchestra.

He was the son of Trina Coolman of Holt and David Sisung from Lansing. Additionally, Alex Sisung and Cheyenne Cohee; grandparents Charles Sisung, Mary Jean Mikulka and LeRoy Coolman will mourn his loss greatly. WLNS.

Personal Life

Noah Sisung was an ardent family man and deeply cared about his grandchildren. An outdoors enthusiast, he enjoyed fishing, working on his truck and riding his lawn mower – as well as listening to Tweety Bird music and Spanish classics while watching western movies and football games on television. Additionally, he was an active member of American Legion.

He died as the result of an act of violence over an $180 bag of marijuana and will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

Teenagers ages 13-17 facing charges related to Sisung’s shooting death on Pennsylvania Avenue in Lansing are expected to spend four to eight years behind bars at most, after brawling ensued when their plea deals were accepted and spread through the courtroom and onto the first-floor courthouse.

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