Noah Stowell

Who is Noah Stowell?

He has featured in various films such as Lilly, which stars Patricia Clarkson and Luke Kirby; Out of My Mind directed by Amber Sealey; as well as playing in an upcoming Netflix thriller called The Weekend Away.

Sophia is his only child. At Vincent Massey Secondary School he won six consecutive Team MVP awards for cross country and track.

Early Life and Education

He danced with the San Francisco Ballet, Munich Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet and also performed as a choreographer for musicals such as Swan Lake, Cinderella, The Nutcracker (including Stowell & Sendak Nutcracker ), Carmina Burana and Firebird).

In November 2017, a 14-year-old girl reported she was sexually assaulted by 18-year-old Noah Daniel Stowell of Savage, Minnesota, following attending a party at University of St Thomas. It is alleged he persuaded her into engaging in sexual relations in her parents’ basement after persuading her of engaging in it at University.

Tim Stowell of Green Drakkoman Foundation plans on using his fundraising event on Sunday – originally set as a bowling fundraiser – as an avenue of support for Latham teenager Noah Roman who lost all his family in what appears to be an apparent murder-suicide. Instead, all the proceeds will be given directly to Roman and his family.

Professional Career

Stowell, a former ballet dancer himself, has composed over 36 ballets for Pacific Northwest Ballet since 1991 and been invited as guest artist at numerous companies like Munich Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet and Frankfurt Ballet.

Stowell has also appeared in various television series, such as Gunsmoke in which he played Chester Goode – Marshal Matt Dillon’s injured sidekick – as well as two short-lived series Stone and Buck James; latter of these based loosely upon real Texas surgeon and rancher James “Red” Duke.

Stowell was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct for engaging in sexual acts with an underage girl he allegedly met in November 2017 while on trial. To date, no comments have been issued in regard to these accusations against him.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Noah Daniel Stowell has been charged with sexually assaulting an underage girl. It reportedly happened following a fraternity party where she participated, when Stowell reached out via Snapchat to invite her back over after it ended and began engaging in consensual sex; when her stomach began hurting she told him to stop.

Stowell took advantage of their encounter to give them an emotional speech and pledge his help finding true love again. Subsequently, he has been charged with two felony counts of third and fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct; court hearings for him will resume next month.

Net Worth

Stowell is an American television journalist with a net worth estimated to be $25 Million. Since 2004 he has worked at Fox 4 WDAF-TV where he has built up an incredible amount of experience working as a reporter – winning awards along the way!

He has received various awards for his sports coverage. An avid sports enthusiast, he loves cheering on his favorite teams.

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