Noah Sweatpants

The Rise of Noah Sweatpants

Brendon Babenzien, former creative director for Supreme, launched Noah in Fall/Winter 2015. Since its return, this casual menswear label has quickly established itself as a go-to label for both older heads and style-savvy younger generations looking for stylish attire without all of the hype, security guards, or velvet ropes of Supreme.

Early Life and Education

Noah’s high school is a charter, but does not adhere to Success Academies’ rigid, hard-and-fast culture. Instead of forcing strict academic standards on their students, teachers instead offer support as they confront numerous challenges such as financial strain and getting internet connectivity in apartment complexes that often lack internet.

Brendon Babenzian founded Noah in 2015, but its roots go much deeper. The label specializes in ethical and environmentally-friendly streetwear that showcases his passion for merging skateboarding, surf and music cultures with classic menswear for an appealing look that resonates with youth culture and discerning shoppers alike. Babenzian’s logos and graphics showcase his thought-provoking ethos by alluding to everything from pirates to the suffering of animals – truly reflective of his passions as an artisan and designer!

Professional Career

Former Supreme creative director Noah has made a name for himself with his casual menswear label founded at 195 Mulberry Street. His designs combine rebellious skate, surf and music culture influences with innovative appreciation for classic menswear styles.

Last year, she caused quite a social media stir with her fashion choices while appearing on American Idol. Wearing a frilly white maxidress, tan lace-up boots and an elaborate white crochet bonnet-style headpiece to showcase her unique sense of style, she caused quite a buzz online.

Look at her! Her look radiated grown-up sophistication and stylish elegance – not to mention being decidedly un-hypebeast-ish. Her bleached blonde eyebrows prompted some people to speculate she may have undergone plastic surgery; regardless, she carried off this head-turning look with grace and composure.

Achievement and Honors

Noah is an undeniable style icon. Recently she made waves at the CMT Awards wearing an eye-catching sheer bodysuit featuring lots of skin. Completing her look was a bedazzled cowgirl hat and heels for a memorable appearance at this year’s awards show. Noah NYC, founded by former Supreme creative director Brendan Babenzien and founded on ethically produced streetwear principles is offering tailored sweatshirts, sleek lounge pants and sporty hoodies embellished with vibrant color graphics and detailing; making her an inspiring ambassador.

Net Worth

Noah Beck has proven the value of social media influencers. After building an immense following on TikTok, leading him to front row seats at Paris fashion week and brands vying for him, and amassing a net worth estimated at over $7 Million, Noah is proof that you can build an identity for yourself on any platform.

Noah was established by former Supreme creative director Brendan Babenzien in 2015 to provide ethically and environmentally conscious streetwear, with an authentic punk aesthetic. Babenzien sought to combine rebellious skate, music and surf culture with classic menswear design aesthetics in order to craft its highly precise aesthetic.

Miley Cyrus’ younger sister Noah Cyrus has recently taken to incorporating casual pieces from Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe into her casual wear. At 23-years-old she donned black top and baggy sweatpants when going hiking accompanied by two dogs; finishing off the look with leather purse and white sneakers.

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