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Noah Traisman Net Worth

Noah Traisman, founder of Glow, the luxury version of adult content site OnlyFans, has found himself embroiled in controversy with Sahara Ray, one of Justin Bieber’s former flames and an influencer who posted on her social media pages about cutting off relations with Glow after meeting up with its founder in Los Angeles. Sahara posted a message regarding her desire to dissociate herself from its operations after seeing Traisman in LA meeting him face to face.

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Personal Life

Noah Traisman has a full and loving marriage with longtime partner and three children. He strongly supports LGBT rights and donates to charities associated with it, in addition to being an avid art collector who regularly buys and sells works to reinvest in more pieces – something many veterans of the art world strongly oppose.

Recently, Lottie was seen meeting with Noah Traisman at Glow, an adult content site considered luxurious version of OnlyFans.

Net Worth

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