Noah Wheeler

Noah Wheeler

Noah Wheeler grew up in a family that competed in climbing events, which involved practicing at local rock gyms with both of his brothers, Benn and Noah.

Soon thereafter, he developed an interest in competing in bouldering competitions and even reached nationals multiple times.

He currently plays point guard for McKinney Christian’s basketball team and led it all the way to state semifinals, drawing college recruiters’ notice with his kickoff returns and return skills.

Early Life and Education

Early experiences that children have can have profound physical and social consequences that last throughout life. Brain wiring is established during this period, and exposure to positive factors can set young children on a path towards success while negative experiences or environments can leave lasting damaging traces.

Noah Reid has performed in numerous stage and screen productions, such as Bartholomew Fair (Stratford Festival 2009) and Dead Metaphor. Additionally, he played Patrick Brewer from 2017 until its conclusion in 2020 on Schitt’s Creek.

Wheeler serves two roles for McKinney Christian; as kick returner and point guard on both their football and basketball teams. College programs throughout North Texas have taken notice of his skill on both fronts, prompting college programs to offer scholarships.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Wheeler is a two-time all-state selection and first team BCSL soccer, basketball and winter track player for Bordentown Regional High School in each sport he played; also holding a weighted GPA of 4.2 with the school and being honored as 2023 NJSIAA Scholar-Athlete of the year.

He is the Colonial Athletic Association defensive leader and was recently appointed defensive captain for the Spiders. This season he amassed 110 tackles, seven pass breakups, and three interceptions – an impressive performance for an inexperienced defensive player.

Wheeler also possesses an exceptional academic track record in computational mechanics and fluid dynamics for geological formations, publishing over 250 technical papers and editing or authoring seven books on these subjects. Her research can be applied in fields like reservoir engineering, groundwater contaminant transport and sequestration of carbon in geological formations.

Personal Life

Noah Wheeler is a talented actor who has appeared in multiple theatre productions. Additionally, he is an experienced rock climber; having competed in various events and advanced to nationals (although ultimately did not place).

He’s close with both of his twin sisters and enjoys reading, playing sports and going to concerts – especially those featuring Bryce Harper, Luke Combs or Arnold Palmer as popular figures.

Recently, Reid made headlines when he signed onto Amazon Prime’s drama series Outer Range as a rancher who discovers an obscure mystery in Wyoming’s wilderness. This series will debut its premiere episode in May 2022 and he already has several projects underway that utilize both acting and voice acting – such as Franklin Turtle, Pippi Longstocking and The Magic School Bus series to name just some!

Net Worth

American-Canadian actor Chace Crawford has amassed an impressive net worth through his acting career. Earning more than $4 Million through television shows and films like Schitt’s Creek, Kevin from Work and Archivists; plus over 50 credits as voice actor!

Caleb McLaughlin made headlines when he won his breakout role as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things and currently earns around $250,000 per episode of this sci-fi show. Prior to that he appeared as guest actors on well-known television programs such as Blue Bloods and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

He will also star in the forthcoming Amazon drama Outer Range as Billy Tillerson, a young rancher who discovers an ominous secret within Wyoming wilderness. Longtime rival Jacob deGrom of Mets says he looks forward to facing him off against in playoff games.

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