Noreen Corcoran Net Worth

Noreen Corcoran Net Worth has become an iconic American actress through her many TV appearances, earning an extraordinary fortune from acting.

Born October 20, 1943 in Quincy, MA. She earned the role of Kelly in Bachelor Father after future US president Ronald Reagan saw her screen tests.

Early Life and Education

Noreen Corcoran was born October 20th 1943 in Quincy and is best known as an award-winning television actress.

Corcoran began her acting and dance studies early, studying both these disciplines for many years. She came from an acting family of eight children; several, including Kevin Corcoran – her younger brother – were actors themselves – appearing in such works as Old Yeller in 1957 as well as on numerous Disney television shows.

Corcoran made her screen debut in 1951’s Apache Drums and appeared in several mainstream movies such as Plymouth Adventure with Spencer Tracy; Hans Christian Andersen with Danny Kaye; I Love Melvin with Debbie Reynolds and The Robe with Richard Burton. Ronald Reagan recommended her for a lead role on Bachelor Father, after seeing screen tests she completed.

Professional Career

Noreen Corcoran was born in Quincy, Massachusetts on October 20, 1943 and began her television acting career shortly thereafter, appearing on various shows and movies.

She made her acting debut in 1951 with Apache Drums, going on to star in such films as Hans Christian Andersen, Cavalcade of America, Young Bess, I Love Melvin and Gidget Goes to Rome among many others. Additionally, she became famous as teenager Kelly Gregg in Bachelor Father, an ABC/CBS/NBC TV series which ran from 1957-1962.

Noreen was recommended for her role on The Beverly Hillbillies by future U.S. President Ronald Reagan after viewing her screen tests for the show, and became its star over 157 episodes. As an actress she made an enduring impactful impression upon audiences everywhere she appeared.

Achievement and Honors

Noreen Corcoran is an American actress, businesswoman and former beauty pageant winner who has appeared in multiple films, TV shows and commercials.

Corcoran first gained fame through her role as Kelly Gregg on the sitcom Bachelor Father which aired from 1957-1962 on CBS, NBC, and ABC. Corcoran played Kelly as her young niece of bachelor attorney Bentley Gregg (John Forsythe), after both parents are killed in an auto accident.

Corcoran also made guest appearances on TV shows such as Gunsmoke and The Big Valley. Born October 20, 1943 in Quincy, Massachusetts she performed professionally with Lewitzky Dance Company for 10 years prior to moving west and performing under California residency laws. Corcoran considers herself a life path 2 person driven by community harmony and relationships as her motivations.

Personal Life

Corcoran was born in Quincy, Massachusetts as the third of eight children; seven of her siblings went into acting (Bill Corcoran Jr, Donna Corcoran, Hugh Corcoran, Kevin Corcoran and Brian Corcoran). Corcoran began acting professionally in 1951 with small film and television roles such as Apache Drums, Hans Christian Andersen’s Dr. Kildare’s Revenge and Cavalcade of America.

In 1957, she made her breakthrough appearance in Bachelor Father as Kelly Gregg opposite John Forsythe in Beverly Hills. Future US President Ronald Reagan saw her screen test and recommended she star opposite Forsythe. On the show, Kelly is orphaned at age 13 and sent to live with her bachelor uncle Bentley (Forsythe).

Viewers watched as Kelly matured before their eyes, attending college and beginning a romantic relationship despite never marrying.

Net Worth

Noreen Corcoran Net Worth hails from United States and has become widely respected due to her impressive acting performances in various television shows. She has amassed a significant fan base around the globe for her outstanding acting performances.

She is also an accomplished businesswoman, having made an impressionable name for herself as one of the leading figures in her industry. With an impressive net worth to back her up, her dedication and talent speak for themselves.

Corcoran was born October 20 1943 in Quincy, Massachusetts to a large family that includes six other actors – her brother Kevin and sister Donna both appear in films, while their father worked as maintenance at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios.

Corcoran played Kelly Gregg on the CBS sitcom Bachelor Father from 1957 to 1962 as her orphaned niece Bentley Gregg (John Forsythe), with President Ronald Reagan watching her screen tests and suggesting her as the perfect actress to portray him.

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