Norma DeWitt

Norma DeWitt – Actress

Joyce Anne DeWitt was born April 23 in Wheeling, West Virginia but grew up in Speedway Indiana. She studied acting through high school and majored in theater at college before moving to California for greater opportunities.

She began as a legal secretary before ABC presented her with the chance to select one of two comedy pilots; Three’s Company became an instantaneous success!

Early Life and Education

Joyce DeWitt was born April 23rd 1949 in Wheeling West Virginia but raised in Speedway Indiana. As a high schooler she participated in many plays and cheerleading. Joyce took an interest in acting which she wanted to pursue further with Ball State University where she ultimately earned a bachelor of theatre.

She later studied theatre at UCLA and later made numerous television appearances; most notably her role in Three’s Company was among them.

On Friday, July 21st 2023, Norma Dewitt passed away and will be greatly missed by her loved ones. She served her community faithfully and will always remain part of our lives.

Professional Career

Joyce Anne DeWitt was born in Wheeling, West Virginia to Paul and Norma Dewitt on 23rd April 1949. She spent most of her early years in Speedway a suburb of Indianapolis before competing in debates & speech at Indiana High School Forensic Association events. Later she pursued a master’s degree at University of California Los Angeles.

DeWitt first rose to fame for her iconic role of Janet Wood on Three’s Company, before expanding her oeuvre into theatre performances and blockbuster movies.

DeWitt is also dedicated to charitable work, serving on both the Capitol Hill Forum on Hunger and Homelessness as well as hosting presentations for Family Assistance Program. She has used much of her fortune in efforts to improve society.

Achievement and Honors

Joyce DeWitt is an esteemed actress best known for her iconic performance as Janet Wood in Three’s Company. Additionally, she has made numerous film and television show appearances. Joyce is revered for her versatility as an actress who can adapt easily to different roles.

DeWitt was born April 23rd 1949 in Wheeling, West Virginia and attended Speedway Senior High School in Indiana where she competed in speech contests and took acting classes.

DeWitt was an active member of her church and Altrusa International in Troy, Ohio, having held membership there as well as being one of her philanthropists; supporting numerous organizations and programs through donations like her Norma Nevola Sutera Scholarship which awards full-time GSE students studying literacy education. She will be missed dearly.

Personal Life

Norma DeWitt led an extraordinary life. As wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother she took great delight in taking care of her family and being involved with Eastside Christian Church as a member. Additionally she enjoyed tending to her flower gardens.

DeWitt preferred staying out of the limelight and did not welcome being treated like a celebrity. She preferred playing Bingo, casinos and rummage sales with her family and reading avidly for recreation. DeWitt was active in charity work with members of Congress and House attending Capitol Hill Forum on Hunger and Homelessness where she often found support.

She was previously married to Ray Buktenica and has been romantically linked with LeVar Burton. Now living her best life between New Mexico and California.

Net Worth

Joyce Dewitt is a well-renowned American actress renowned for her contributions in films and television series. With an enormous fan following and respected contributions in entertainment, Joyce Dewitt has amassed both wealth and fame through her acting career.

She was born April 23rd 1949 to Paul and Norma Dewitt of Wheeling West Virginia and had three siblings. At an early age she found an affinity for theatre which she explored by joining Indiana High School Forensic Association. Later she went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in theater from Ball State University before going on to obtain a master’s degree from UCLA.

DeWitt made her film debut in 1975’s Baretta, and quickly established herself in Hollywood. From there she went on to star as Janet Wood on Three’s Company from 1977-1984 and more films such as With That Ring, The Ropers, Airplane II: The Sequel, Call of the Wild 3D, Finder of Lost Loved Ones and Spring Fling!.

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