Norman Hartweg

Norman Hartweg was an American actor best known for appearing in multiple movies and TV shows. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 27 March 1935 and dying 14 September 1994 in Los Angeles.

He was previously married to Rue McClanahan. He is best known for The Farmer’s Other Daughter, Five Minutes to Love and A Different Approach.

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Personal Life

Norman Hartweg was a herpetologist who discovered Plectrohyla hartwegi, commonly referred to as Hartweg’s spikethumb frog, from Mexico’s Sierra Madre de Chiapas and eastern Oaxaca, Western Guatemala, Sierra de Las Minas in Western Guatemala and Sierra de Omoa in southwestern Honduras.

Rue McClanahan was an American actress best known for her regular appearance as Vivian on the hit series All in the Family. Throughout her lifetime, she married six times – Tom Bish (with whom she had Mark), Norman Hartweg, Peter DeMaio, Gus Fisher Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Tom Keel Wilson Morrow Wilson; all but her death occurred when she was only 59 years old. Born William Edwin and Dreda Rheua-Nell; parents William Edwin William Edwin William Edwin William Edwin William Edwin was his mother Dreda Rheua-Nell

Net Worth

Rue McClanahan was best known as Rue DeMaio from ‘Golden Girls” before her passing in 2009. Throughout her lifetime she married six times including Norman Hartweg, Peter DeMaio, Gus Fisher, Tom Keel, and Morrow Wilson; one son Mark Bish from Tom Keel would go on to become a stage actor just like his mother!

Norman Hartweg was an internationally acclaimed herpetologist who held positions at both the Museum of Zoology at University of Michigan and Copeia magazine, serving both roles until 1964 when he passed away at 49. Among many new turtle species described by Hartweg are western spiny softshell turtle Apalone spinifera hartwegi and Dunn’s hognose pit viper Porthidium dunni; both native of Ann Arbor Michigan United States.

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