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Oh No People – Frequently Asked Questions About Oh No People

Whenever you hear the word, oh no people, it always makes you think of something horrible, weird, and unintentionally funny. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the word. Read on to discover the most interesting facts and to see if there are any surprises in the answers.


Among the most entertaining books I’ve read in recent years, Weird People by Michael Henrich (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013) offers a tad bit of both the history and psychology of weird people. Henrich deploys a battery of studies based on contemporary evidence and draws on a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

The book’s central premise is that world cultures evolved on separate evolutionary pathways, each of which was accompanied by the most impressive of the small aforementioned, which he calls the “weird.” He cites the “weird” as the major driver behind literacy. In the US, literacy never reached the 10% level, whereas in England and the Netherlands, it skyrocketed to more than 80 percent. The “weird” also accompanied a surge in religious activity, which he explains in terms of scale.

The book is a worthy addition to the library of the weirdest people. Although it’s aimed at a broader audience, it contains enough whimsy to satisfy even the most serious fan of the oddball.


During the past century, ugly people have been mistreated by society. They have been criticized, abused, and rejected for their appearance. Many ugly people are still alive today. But they have worked hard to break the stigma associated with ugliness.

Socrates, the Greek philosopher, rejected the assumption that physical beauty was necessary for happiness. Instead, he said, virtue would bring happiness. He said that virtue would be produced through reason. He also said that virtue would be a gift from God, not a requirement.

The ugliest man in the world was from Ilion. He had a bandy-legged body and sparse wool on his skull. His head was drawn to the chest. He was also lame on one foot.

Ugly things remind man of powerlessness, decay, danger, and lack of courage. These things degrade man and make him weak. This is why he is reluctant to fight for power.

Ugly people have also been rejected by society for other reasons. One of these reasons is jealousy. Another reason is unhappiness.

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