Oliva Landscaping

Oliva Landscaping

Olive trees require very minimal care and thrive in diverse soil conditions, though it’s still important that they’re planted and cared for correctly.

Ideal conditions for planting strawberries is late spring when frost risk has passed and should be situated away from any hard surfaces to reduce fruit staining, and in full sun (8 or more hours daily for fruitless cultivars). Most species can also be sheared into formal hedges.

Early Life and Education

Oliva earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in education from Killian High School in Miami and Flagler College on Florida’s east coast, working as a pizza maker to pay his way through school as well as playing percussion in a marching band. Later, he taught students with disabilities before becoming principal and assistant superintendent for Flagler County schools; being known for being visible throughout campus hallways as well as sports events while engaging students directly.

Professional Career

Oliva Landscaping of Floral Park, New York operates in the Landscape Services business within Agricultural Services sector and boasts annual sales of $52,444. Additionally, Oliva employs approximately one person.

Each year, the landscape industry employs 300,000. Their careers positively impact families, communities, and the environment – find yours now with NALP’s assistance! Discover more by getting involved and helping lawn and landscape professionals thrive!

Achievement and Honors

Landscape contractors are responsible for carrying out plans created by architects or designers for lawn, garden and hardscaping plans that have been laid out. Additionally, they create and maintain outdoor structures like fountains, ponds, walls and fences as well as knowing current landscaping trends to ensure their designs work in local environments effectively.

Ruppert Landscape employees were recognized this year for their outstanding efforts and achievements. Lily Shore (interior design), Harriet Morrison and Rodrigo Carrillo received Professional Advisory Board Scholarships; these scholarships recognize graduating students who demonstrate dedication and potential success within their chosen field of endeavor.

Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape won the 2022 European Property Awards under the Architecture for Gardens category with their Olivia Centre project, an extraordinary garden. This award honors their unique, vibrant landscaping design.

Personal Life

Oliva is an active member of Rotary and volunteers her time to assist community projects. Among her many accomplishments was creating a cemetery garden during budget cuts at Sacramento city-owned cemetery; now visited by visitors from across the nation and around the globe. Oliva also advocates on behalf of family-owned small businesses.

Oliva contends that local governments have an unfortunate history of standing in the way of business owners or imposing fines for trimming trees without proper permits, yet she remains dedicated to changing this. Oliva wrote in one letter “My goal is to ensure my clients are free from government interference while serving their customers”.

Net Worth

Oliva Landscaping of New York operates in the landscape services industry and generates annual revenues of $52,444. Servicing both residential and commercial clients, Oliva offers services like garden design, weed control, grass cutting, tree care, shrub trimming as well as general lawn maintenance maintenance services to its clients – keeping many for years because of trust in its services and high-quality results. Oliva holds a home improvement license in Suffolk County New York with two full-time employees working under its auspices.

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