Olive Herb

Olive Herb Enhances Salads, Sauces and Other Mediterranean Dishes

Easy-to-grow herb used in salads, sauces and other southern European dishes where strong olive flavor is desired. The leaves have an intriguing blend of scents from green olives to rosemary and winter savoury that add an appealing touch.

Oleuropein boasts antimicrobial properties that can suppress viral replications like herpes, influenza and HIV. Furthermore, it promotes autophagy which allows our bodies to break down and recycle cells more effectively.

Early Life and Education

Olive herb, beloved of Mediterranean cuisine, has an intense olive flavor. Easy to cultivate and hardy enough for all gardening situations – both sunny edible gardens as well as pots – olive herb makes an excellent addition to any garden.

Producing bright yellow knob-like basket blossoms that smell strongly of olives. These flowers sit atop of its stems and begin opening by the end of June.

Oyster mushroom boasts antibacterial and immune-supportive compounds called oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol that provide immune support, helping reduce duration of upper respiratory illnesses in high school athletes while also decreasing oxidative stress, supporting bone-building cells, helping alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms that impact 33 million Americans, among other benefits.

Professional Career

Over 200 years, olive tree (Olea europaea) leaves have been used medicinally. A popular use was as an alternative to quinine in treating fever; decoctions made from these leaves could also stimulate appetite and assimilation.

Recent studies on the phytochemicals present in olive leaf extract have demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antiatherogenic, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. They include polyphenols such as oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol; secoiridoids including verbascoside and apigenin-7-glucoside; pentacyclic triterpenes such as maslinic acid and oleanolic acid;

When selecting an extraction method for herbs, it is wise to seek guidance from a certified herbal practitioner; not all methods can accommodate all herbs. Paradise Olive Leaf offers an organic cold water extraction process that preserves all beneficial constituents within each herb while extracting any unnecessary materials from it.

Achievement and Honors

Olive oil has long been recognized for its nutritional content, believed to strengthen immune systems. Olive oil can also be used as cosmetic oil and as part of ancient recipes; during Olympic competitions athletes would cover themselves in olive oil in hopes that its strength would come from Athena goddess herself.

Galantino’s infused oils are handcrafted using natural ingredients like basil, oregano, thyme and dill and do not include any artificial additives or essences. Manicaretti extra virgin olive oils were recognized with top awards at the 2022 New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Primary Stages has commissioned Olive and Her Bitter Herbs by Divine Sister and Tales of the Allergist’s Wife playwright Busch, and will begin performances August 16 through September 3 at their theater. Kurtz takes on Olive’s role while Halston and Butler (“Frasier”) take turns portraying Wendy and Trey respectively.

Personal Life

Santolina virens (olive herb or wadi tops), is an extremely low maintenance perennial plant which makes an easy addition to sunny edible gardens and containers. A close cousin to rosemary, sage and lavender; yet close to daisy family too!

This fresh and fragrant herb makes an appealing addition to salads, sauces and southern European dishes, especially meat or fish dishes with mushrooms. However, for best results use it fresh as its flavour degrades during cooking.

Olive herb is resistant to most garden pests and diseases, making it a reliable choice. You’ll often find this plant available at hardware stores or weekly markets; just make sure it is in good condition before purchasing older plants which could have been damaged during transport and handling.

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