Olive Joke

Olive Joke About the Olive Garden

Olive Garden is an established chain of Italian restaurants known for their popular motto, “When you come here, you are family!”

Recently, renowned chain Subway pulled its ads from David Letterman after the host made comments that offended one of Sarah Palin’s daughters – something Fox News host Sean Hannity isn’t happy about.

On Friday night, he dedicated an entire segment to this issue.

Early Life and Education

One night a man walks into a bar and orders a martini from the bartender. Once served, they remove an olive from each drink they order and store it in a glass jar – until eventually his entire glass jar is full of olives – after which time they stagger out of the establishment.

Olive Higgins was an ordinary 16-year-old girl living in England who set out for Paris 100 years ago to study at a convent school – though her diary entries as she made the journey are anything but.

Since New Year’s Day, daily extracts by author Rob McGibbon have captured global audiences and amassed thousands of Twitter followers, drawing global interest and drawing thousands to his project aimed at being published by 2014. His intention is for it to reach publication sometime during 2014.

Net Worth

Net worth provides an accurate picture of an individual’s financial standing by taking into account all assets minus liabilities – this may include homes, cars, investments and bank accounts as assets; liabilities include credit card balances as well as mortgage or loan amounts that must be repaid; however it also helps determine how prepared an individual is financially for important milestones such as retirement.

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