Olive Knot

Olive Knot Disease

Olive knot is an alarming threat in modern commercial olive orchards, diminishing yield, reducing fruit size and quality, as well as producing off-flavor olives.

Psv can cause galls on twigs that interfere with plant growth and development, disrupting both their own as well as others’ growth and development. Most infections occur on leaf scars but could also occur as pruning wounds or cold weather-induced bark cracks.

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Olive cultivation has expanded exponentially as more consumers recognize its healthful qualities. Unfortunately, as demand rises so does disease risk: olive knot is an invading fungal infection caused by Pseudomonas savastanoi and produces rough galls on branches, trunks and twigs that reduce yield, decrease fruit size and cause an off-flavor in harvested products.

Olive knot is a common problem in urban olive orchards and reduces aesthetic quality of crops as well as being a serious liability. Olive knot provides an ideal home for pathogens as well as various endophytic bacteria – its multispecies nature makes this disease an excellent model to study interspecies interactions, sociomicrobiology and evolution in plant diseases.

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Olive trees have become increasingly popular across the United States due to their health benefits and oil production, making cultivation an increase in olive knot disease caused by Pseudomonas savastanoi. This condition appears as girdling knobs on stems that cause disruptions both home gardens and large commercial plantings alike. Regular preventative bactericide spraying with one fall and two spring applications is necessary to decrease pathogen populations on plants and prevent infection; growers should prune during dry weather while making sure sanitization shears frequently to minimize potential issues caused by olive knot.

Psv has proven itself capable of withstanding multilayered defense responses crafted both preformed and induced, though little research has been done in this area. At present, however, Psv may exploit endophytes such as Et, Pa, and Eo that produce public goods by exploiting their relationships in which public goods produced by Psv are exploited by it.

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