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Olive Truck Wins Gold at NYIOOC Competition

To produce high-quality olive oil, harvested fruit must be milled immediately after being picked; however, mills may not always be located nearby, meaning producers must transport their olives long distances before milling begins.

Sam Bayraktar found an elegant solution by devising Olive Truck, a mobile production mill. This innovative device brings milling services directly into olive groves so that olives can be processed and packaged within an hour of being picked.

Early Life and Education

Farmers have had a difficult year. A tight labor market and simultaneous harvests has made finding workers difficult; and drought has cut olive yields even further, leading to lost revenues that may compound over time.

Samir Bayraktar has won ten New York Olive Oil Oil Council (NYIOOC) awards for the extra virgin olive oil he produces in his truck, using data from previous harvests to select harvest and mill times in each grove.

He dedicates three to four weeks each year transforming olives in two contracted groves, as well as providing advice to other olive growers. His truck’s mobile mill enables this process; according to him, this system allows him to prioritize quality over quantity.

Professional Career

Olive-Harvey College, one of Chicago’s City Colleges, serves as a “College to Careers” hub for TDL (transportation, distribution and logistics) education. To support that mission, Navistar recently donated three vehicles – an IC Bus(tm) AC Series shuttle bus; an International TerraStar(tm), used for pickup/delivery applications; and an International WorkStar(tm) specifically built to handle heavy duty tasks like landscaping construction or disaster recovery – as part of its “College to Careers” mission.

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Achievement and Honors

Olive truck has won multiple Gold awards at the NYIOOC competition, as well as accolades from other competitions and publications, including being honored with Best of Show at the 2023 California Commercial Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

An annual competition, this annual contest allows producers to submit samples of their product(s) for evaluation by judges who will swirl, smell and sip in order to decide the winners. Open to producers of all sizes, this event was created as a means of honoring Ohio’s olive-growing and olive oil-producing industries.

Bayraktar remains optimistic about California’s high-quality olive production despite tight labor markets and multiple crops needing harvest at once. He hopes that recent rain will replenish aquifers and snowpack, increasing yields at once.

Personal Life

Once Olive was fully integrated into the Mohave tribe, she quickly earned fame for her impressive wild survival skills. She learned to hunt, forage and grow crops while taking part in Mohave tradition by receiving facial tattoos on both arms and chin which held special meaning for her.

She was also deeply attached to her sister, whose sudden and shocking death had left her reeling with sorrow – so much so that she started having hallucinations episodes as an act of self-soothing.

Stratton made use of Olive’s terrifying experience by turning it into a best-selling book. His exaggerations of events eventually drove her insane; her mental health issues caused her to relive all aspects of captivity repeatedly.

Net Worth

Olive offers three-year plans that combine bumper-to-bumper protection and powertrain warranties, at competitive prices that are often lower than most extended car warranties we reviewed; however, their average monthly payments tend to be higher.

Orchards at Coop are home to over one million trees planted densely enough that harvesting can be done by machine and oil produced on site pressed from them. Kelley criticizes European producers who sell “dregs” of oil to unsophisticated Americans (usually due to being mixed with cheaper vegetable or seed oils or heated excessively, thus stripping out many healthful antioxidants).

Kelley has championed tougher chemical standards than those set by the International Olive Council and educated Americans about its benefits – which include olives and other heart-healthy fats such as walnuts.

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