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Oliver Cope Architect

Oliver Cope Architect is an architectural design firm offering unique residential projects. Their experienced team incorporates their client’s desired aesthetic and functionality into each design they craft.

Oliver teaches Environmental Design at The Bartlett School of Architecture. As academic coordinator for its design units spanning both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Oliver provides leadership on academic agendas.

Early Life and Education

Oliver’s work spans many architectural types, including luxury residential, mixed-use commercial/mixed-use commercial/mixed-use commercial projects, historic renovation, K-12/ higher education projects. As a registered architect he has planned and designed projects for notable clients like major industrial manufacturing facilities, LEED Gold historical renovation and development as well as retail developments.

This firm offers an exceptional combination of technical and artistic expertise that creates projects with timeless, effortless beauty that are appropriate to their sites and surroundings. They have become known for designing one-of-a-kind residences tailored specifically to each client.

Professional Career

Garrick Oliver has an extensive background working on architectural projects from their inception through completion, possessing expertise across numerous architectural typologies. His understanding of high-quality and sustainable designs allows him to collaborate with many of the world’s premier engineering and construction firms.

As an architect, he can combine form and function to meet each client’s aesthetic to produce designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. He has experience designing residential, commercial and mixeduse projects.

Since 2016, he has served as Module Coordinator and Lecturer in Year 2 of Bartlett’s Architecture Programme. Additionally, he serves as Unit 4 Studio Lead Tutor of Year 1’s Design Make Live (DML) Studio Unit 4. His teaching research investigates how hand drawings can reveal new architectural possibilities.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has an avid passion for historic architecture, having worked on numerous heritage projects such as Peterborough Cathedral, Castle Bromwich Hall and Gardens, Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon and Brierley Hill War Memorial. Additionally, Oliver designs academic study tours for an art history travel company.

As well as his extensive work in classical and traditional architecture, Bernhardt has developed cutting-edge business models for design. These include Bernhardt Design and WantedDesign competitions which promote American design to an international audience.

Oliver has served as Dean of UH Hines College since January 2010, expanding its international focus and academic agendas to encompass environmental design, digital fabrication, 20th-century history and preservation. His studio is known for creating groundbreaking buildings.

Personal Life

Oliver is an experienced architect with vast experience working on residential, commercial, K-12/higher education and historic projects throughout the US. His focus lies on merging landscape with architectural proposals.

He enjoys painting portraits and sketches of those he meets while traveling, which has been featured at galleries and museums worldwide. Notable personalities featured include fashion designer Carolina Herrera and singer Bianca Jagger in these pieces.

Rita has worked at Oliver Cope Architect for more than three decades and possesses extensive knowledge of their New York City residential design portfolio. She has overseen renovation projects on townhouses located within Carnegie Hill’s Landmark District as well as apartments on 70th Street of Upper East Side apartments on both 69th and 70th streets – plus duplexes in Gracie Square.

Net Worth

Oliver is an architect best known for his buildings and other projects. His estimated net worth stands at 2 Million USD. Oliver has appeared on various shows as well as Tiktok and written books; additionally, he has done acting work.

Oliver’s Architectural Design firm in New York City specializes in crafting custom one-of-a-kind residential homes that meet each client’s specific needs and styles from various historical periods. Each residence is carefully tailored to satisfy these demands.

Starchitects such as Norman Foster have managed to surpass their basic architect salaries and become some of the wealthiest individuals worldwide. His net worth currently stands at $240 Million – thanks to designing numerous high-tech buildings using innovative engineering techniques.

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