Oliver Jenkyn

Oliver Jenkyn (Executive Vice President – North America)

Visa Inc. executives told Baird Investor Conference participants this week in San Francisco that the coronavirus pandemic could shift consumer spending away from credit cards toward debit cards, with Oliver Jenkyn, executive vice president for North America at Visa Inc. estimating this shift as totalling around $100 billion.

Prior to joining Visa in 2009, Jenkyn served as a partner at McKinsey & Co’s San Francisco and London offices where he led their North American retail banking and global payments practices. His bachelor’s degree is from McGill University while his master’s degrees come from Harvard and Queen’s universities.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Jenkyn was born and educated in New York City before attending Radcliffe College for her high school studies and earning both her B.A. with honors in sociology as well as her master’s at Harvard University. Following this, Jenkyn worked at various child and family service organizations before joining McKinsey & Company’s International Management Consulting Practice as an international management consulting firm in 1995. Today she lives in Marin California with her husband and two daughters – while also serving on Tipping Point’s Board in San Francisco.

Professional Career

Oliver Jenkyn serves as Group President – North America of Visa Inc and sits on its Executive Committee. Since 2009, he has held this role and bears responsibility for Visa’s activities in both the U.S. and Canada from an economic, strategic, financial and operational perspective.

Before joining Visa, he served as a partner at McKinsey & Company’s San Francisco, London and Toronto offices where he oversaw their global payments practice as well as North American retail banking practices. He holds undergraduate and master’s degrees from McGill University as well as Harvard and Queen’s Universities respectively.

Jenkyn serves on the board of Tipping Point as well as being an avid golfer, supporting various Bay Area charities. He currently resides in Marin County with his wife and two daughters; as part of their recreational pursuits they often visit tidepools around their region.

Personal Life

Jenkyn lives with his wife and children in the San Francisco Bay area. He serves on the boards of Tipping Point Community and California Academy of Sciences; holds undergraduate and master’s degrees from McGill University; as well as Queen’s and Harvard Universities respectively.

Prior to joining Visa, Jenkyn served as a Partner with McKinsey & Company’s San Francisco and New York offices where he led its North American payments and retail banking practices. Additionally, he advised Visa on various matters for several years, playing a pivotal role in its global restructuring and initial public offering process.

Visa’s CEO Ryan McInerney plans for consumer payments growth worldwide; Jenkyn leads a group that oversees global markets and five regional presidents; he has been working at Visa since 2009. According to LinkedIn profiles, Jenkyn joined Visa as an employee.

Net Worth

Oliver Jenkyn estimated his net worth as of 6 December 2012 to be an estimated $10.4 Million. Currently employed as GROUP EXECUTIVE-N AMERICA at Visa Inc, Jenkyn previously held a partner position at McKinsey & Company where he spent 14 years. His educational background includes bachelor and master degrees from McGill University as well as Harvard and Queen’s Universities. In addition, he currently serves on the board of Tipping Point Community as well as being a member of California Academy of Sciences. Jenkyn has made several insider transactions involving shares of Visa Inc stock, including selling 4850 units on 30 November 2012 for more than $7,859,625 worth. Over 34,000 V stock units have also been traded within 14 years; all transactions were recorded using Form 4.

Alfred Kelly Jr. took the helm as CEO of Visa in February, naming Oliver Jenkyn to oversee global markets – an important role which will foster consumer payments growth globally.

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