Oliver Jeroue

Oliver Jeroue Passes Away

Personal Life

Oliver was an infectiously charming and cheerful boy who delighted all who met him, from those he knew as well as strangers alike. An optimist who encouraged others to see things in an optimistic light, Oliver was remarkable for both his wit and intelligence; making him an entertaining companion who will be missed dearly by those whose lives he touched. Those who knew Oliver will miss his positive outlook and infectious laugh.

Abby Jeroue and Max Kemp, their parents Abby Jeroue and Max Kemp, his baby brother Brady, grandparents Rick and Kim Jeroue, Carrie Dennis, Mark and Diane Kemp as well as great-grandparents Janet Jeroue, Jean Smith Ray Rabine Linda Rabine Mike Frey as well as aunts Hannah Jeroue Tom Kemp Gracie Kemp Alyssa McSwain along with many cousins all loved and cherished him dearly.

Emily Madausn initiated a fundraiser on April 14, 2023 to cover Oliver’s funeral costs and assist his family during this trying time. It amassed $15,880 from 227 donors within one week – proving how generous people can be during difficult times.

Net Worth

Oliver Jeroue was beloved among his family and friends alike; they doted on him and loved having him around. Not to mention he was intelligent and funny – not traits often associated with being around people his age. George Oliver traded over 32 JCI stock trades before exercising 176,752 units on 3 August 2021 worth $12,704,934. His estimated net worth stands at $102 Million dollars.

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