Oliver Libby

Oliver Libby

Oliver Libby is co-founder and managing partner of H/L Ventures and CityRock Venture Partners, venture funds that specialize in accelerating companies with diverse founding teams. Additionally, he holds numerous honors such as Presidential Leadership Scholar, Milken Young Leaders Council Member, Tech:NYC Councilmember and Fast Company Impact Council membership; as well as chairing Resolution Project which offers undergraduate students assistance in starting socially responsible ventures.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Twist is an orphan who was raised in a cruel workhouse before being sold off as an apprentice to an unscrupulous undertaker. However, after fleeing this life of servitude he finds refuge among street-urchin pickpockets led by Artful Dodger and Fagin (whose henchman Bill Sikes pursues him relentlessly ).

Libby studied chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley before becoming famous for his invention of carbon-14 radiocarbon dating in 1949 – an advance which would revolutionise archaeology and paleontology. Subsequently, Libby worked on Columbia University’s Manhattan Project developing Geiger counters and gaseous diffusion processes for enriching uranium.

Oliver has presented at Harvard, the United Nations and numerous thought leadership venues and convenings, including numerous thought leadership venues and convenings. Additionally, he is a founding GLG Social Impact Fellow and NationSwell Councilmember; his published works focus on future of work issues like innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Professional Career

Oliver Libby has been active in the finance industry for five years, currently as Managing Partner at H/L Ventures located in New York, United States. Throughout that time he has published and presented talks focused on future work issues related to innovation, social entrepreneurship, leadership and more.

Overdue is grounded in six years of professional librarian experience working in low-income neighborhoods, drawing from interviews and research with library workers including mental-health crisis support staff, customer service reps and administrators of overdose treatment programs. Furthermore, Oliver’s short story “Neighbors” first appeared in Ebony & Jet publisher Avery Folsom’s literary magazine Negro Digest in July 1966.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Libby is co-founder and Managing Partner of Hatzimemos/ Libby, a strategy firm which assists companies at the intersection of growth and impact. Additionally, Oliver was honored to become a founding GLG Social Impact Fellow as well as NationSwell Councilmember and an Advisory Board Member of Project HEAL. Involved with numerous conferences related to innovation, social entrepreneurship and leadership he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College.

Libby is one of the founders and chairs & co-founders of Resolution Project, a non-profit that assists undergraduate students launching socially responsible ventures. Through Resolution’s annual Social Venture Challenges at major youth conferences around the globe, hundreds of young social entrepreneurs worldwide have received assistance in their pursuit to meaningfully enhance people’s lives.

Personal Life

Oliver Libby is the managing partner and co-founder of Hatzimemos / Libby, a strategy venture firm which specializes in accelerating companies through its unique Growth Catalyst model. Through active engagement and regular support provided to portfolio companies in their portfolios.

He has published numerous works addressing the intersection of future of work, innovation, social entrepreneurship and leadership. Additionally, he has spoken at numerous business conferences as well as appearing on CNBC and made television appearances – graduating magna cum laude from Harvard College.

Libby lives in Boston with his wife and their two children. In his free time he enjoys reading, playing with his dogs, and jogging. Additionally he serves as board member of Emmanuel Music, an early music organization founded on J.S. Bach’s works affiliated with Emmanuel Church in Boston; additionally he supports many social causes philanthropically.

Net Worth

Oliver Libby has become one of the leading figures in business. Throughout his career he has amassed an array of honors and awards to his name; yet remains humble despite all that success and fame.

Hatzimemos/Libby and CityRock Venture Partners. He also chairs and founded Resolution Project Inc, an undergraduate student social entrepreneurship initiative. Additionally, he was recently honored as GLG Social Impact Fellow as well as being named to both Tech:NYC and Fast Company Impact Councils.

He has spoken at Harvard College and other thought leadership venues and convenings, publishing work on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and future of work trends. In 1997 he graduated with honors from Harvard College.

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