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Oliver Logo

Oliver Printing & Packaging provides superior printing and marketing collateral solutions with quick turnaround times. Their white-glove service and expertise ensure every job is completed to the highest standards.

The company currently carries 12 licensed lines including “s.Oliver Casual”, which provides ladies and gents leisure fashion; “QS by s.Oliver”, with trendy and fashionable pieces; and’s.Oliver Selection”, featuring premium apparel.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Brown was a minister in Topeka, Kansas who championed integration through school reform. Due to his daughter’s attempt at enrolling in a white school, this became known as Brown vs. Board of Education.

Oliver has various restaurant ventures, such as Fifteen – both commercial enterprise and charitable foundation. Additionally, his Jamie’s Kitchen program trains disadvantaged youth in culinary arts training. Furthermore, Jamie Oliver has championed healthier lunch options at school with four-part documentary Jamie’s School Dinners.

Oliver serves on the Oklahoma Higher Education Reading Council and sits on the editorial board for Concerns in Reader Development of International Literacy Association journal.

Professional Career

Oliver Peoples is an established company which hires recent college graduates. Based out of West Hollywood, CA and with 240 employees worldwide. Oliver Peoples competes against companies like The Brooks Group PR, National Camera Exchange, Dodd Camera Professional, Allied Imaging Cherry Hill Photo Copy Central Inc Hunt’s Photo Video Soha Beeper to name but a few. Oliver Peoples was established back in 1987.

The logo for our company consists of a black and white frame featuring an olive, designed to bring out its beauty without detracting from it. Incorporated into this design is our company name; though not immediately apparent.

Since 1987, this fashion company has established itself as one of Germany’s premier fashion houses. Since acquiring denim brand comma in 2001 and expanding to other lines of clothing – including jeans – through acquisition.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver was an accomplished track athlete, holding the career victory record in 110-meter hurdles. A two-time All-American who once competed on Team USA Olympic trials. Additionally, in school he achieved a 3.86 GPA as a business technology administration major.

He was honored with America East 2022-23 Men’s Scholar-Athlete of the Year honor, making him only the second Retriever ever to do so in program history. Additionally, he is part of two medley relay gold medal-winning teams.

Oliver Scholars was established in 1984 to help underserved New York City communities prepare their high-achieving children for success at top independent schools and prestigious colleges. Oliver Scholars offers up to 10 years of one-on-one support, afterschool coursework, summer sessions, pre-career training and mentoring for these highly-successful students.

Personal Life

Oliver Stone is an esteemed filmmaker and writer best known for the movies Any Given Sunday, Nixon, Heaven and Earth, JFK Platoon and Natural Born Killers.

He co-wrote and directed the musical Born on the Fourth of July. For these efforts, he earned numerous awards and nominations.

Stone’s early creative abilities became clear from an early age; he would create marionette-style skits which his family performed together. Stone attended Trinity School in Manhattan and the Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

In 2008, s.Oliver established its new headquarters in Rottendorf, Germany – complete with day care facility s.Oliver Mini Club. Since then, three lifestyle segments have been established within s.Oliver: Casual (ladies and gents leisure fashion), QS by s.Oliver (trendy fashion) and Selection (clothing in sizes 36-54)

Net Worth

Oliver has amassed a substantial fortune through his acting career and investment strategies, having appeared in various movies and TV shows while developing a considerable following on social media. Furthermore, Oliver has made wise stock investments which has added further to his wealth.

His photography style is heavily influenced by the pictorialist movement, often using alternative processes like woodburytype. Additionally, in addition to being a photographer he has written several books and contributed articles for various magazines.

The brand portfolio for s.Oliver includes Casual for casual clothing for both ladies and gents, Selection for trendy fashionistas, and Bodywear offering lingerie and nightwear products; its products can be found on over 2,507 sales floors nationwide.

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