Oliver Massmann

Oliver Massmann

Oliver Massmann is an International Lawyer based in Vietnam who specializes in corporate and international tax law matters for multinational clients investing in Vietnam. He was the first foreigner to present in Vietnamese before members of National Assembly as well as teach International Law at Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice.

Professional Career

Oliver Massmann is an International Attorney at Law and Certified Financial Accountant/Auditor. He holds a PhD with Major in International Business Law. Oliver has over 20 years of experience advising banks and Export Credit Agency financing projects from Germany, France and other countries all the way down to Vietnam.

His expertise encompasses turnkey renewable energy projects, international taxation, foreign investments in Vietnam, commercial negotiation and legal advice. He is registered as an arbitrator of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre. Furthermore, he is the only foreign lawyer presenting Vietnamese-language material before Members of National Assembly as well as teaching international law at Foreign Trade University of Vietnam.

Massmann collaborates closely with Nguyen Thi Lang and Pham Bach Duong at Duane Morris & Selvam on corporate and M&A matters for multinational clients, and are well versed in power/water projects, oil & gas issues and telecom law matters.

Personal Life

Massmann is married and the proud parent of two children. He speaks German, English and Vietnamese fluently and currently resides with his family in Hanoi.

Oliver Massmann, 41, heads up Duane Morris’ Vietnam office for their 650-lawyer Philadelphia firm and one of only few Western lawyers who is fluent in Vietnamese and has established strong ties to Hanoi senior government officials. Massmann could have chosen the comfortable life in Ruhr Valley where his father was an academic but instead chose to follow his passions; after graduating Ruhr-Universitat Bochum he convinced his father to pay for him to spend three years learning Vietnamese while helping redraft its commercial and civil codes – marking an incredible beginning of an extraordinary and fruitful career!

Net Worth

Massmann is married and lives with two children in Hanoi, Vietnam. He speaks fluent English, German and Vietnamese languages fluently; is an avid traveler and collector of antiques; certified diver; enjoys diving tropical waters for fun scuba diving excursions; also an ardent fan of football (both teams), volleyball (St Louis Cardinals) and collecting.

After graduating law school, Massmann traveled to Germany where he assisted two German foundations with helping Vietnamese to redraft their civil and commercial codes in preparation for joining the World Trade Organization. Today he leads Duane Morris’ Hanoi office of over 600 lawyers from Philadelphia.

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