Oliver Properties

Oliver Properties

Oliver Properties is a multifamily investment firm with extensive assets and transaction experience, having acquired more than 3,000 apartments nationwide.

Oliver neighbourhood lies west of downtown Edmonton and is defined by 104 Avenue NW to its north, River Valley Victoria to its south and Jasper Avenue to its east. Condos typically dominate Oliver real estate market starting at around $200,000.

Early Life and Education

Oliver is a dedicated full-time Associate Broker who brings years of professional experience and skillset to each transaction, striving to ensure it goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible from start to finish. Due to Oliver’s dedication and attention to detail, many clients become life-long clients.

Oliver Properties is an exciting multifamily and retail real estate investment firm focused on New York City real estate investments. To expand their investor relations and underwriting capabilities, but didn’t have enough deal flow for full-time hires, Bullpen connected Oliver Properties with two fully vetted expert freelancers that provided all of the IR / U talent they required for supporting onboarding investors and using Juniper Square more efficiently.

Achievement and Honors

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Oliver has developed an expansive skill set, which enables him to understand both the financial and emotional facets of real estate transactions. His commitment to professionalism, integrity, and diligence makes every client served happy.

Oliver boasts an expansive real estate portfolio comprised of multifamily housing investments and commercial properties. Recently, Oliver assisted several developers with syndicating capital for their development projects. Oliver is adept at understanding the construction process as well as financial modeling, floor-plan revisions, design advice and pre-marketing services for developers. Furthermore, he possesses significant expertise managing retail shopping centers.

Personal Life

Oliver Frascona was a man of exceptional brilliance, generosity, and passion who brought these qualities to his law practice, Colorado real estate business, family life, and beyond. All who knew him will miss him dearly.

Oliver was out tending flowers for Rose when he became aware that Fagin and an elderly gentleman were speaking of him in whispers nearby. Alerted, Oliver immediately stood up and raised an alarm signalling their presence.

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Net Worth

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Oliver Street Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on developing, investing and managing industrial properties located in supply-constrained markets along the East Coast. Oliver departed Related Companies after 32 years.

Other than a primary residence, assets that can help increase one’s net worth may include vacation or rental properties that are paid in cash as well as investments, jewelry and collectibles. Conversely, liabilities reduce net worth through credit card debt, mortgage payments, car loans or any other forms of debt balances.

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