Olivia Gold

Olivia Gold – Social Media Influencer and Beauty Blogger

Olivia Gold is an internationally recognized social media star known for her fashion and beauty videos on Instagram and YouTube, her raps, songs and other musical offerings across multiple platforms, her success on self-named YouTube channel which boasts over one million subscribers, and more.

Early Life and Education

Olivia Gold is a widely known YouTube personality known for her videos. She’s currently in a relationship with Willgotthejuice and they regularly post updates about each other across their various Social media accounts. They share one son together and Olivia is truly delighted by him as her partner.

Oliva’s 1967 win at the IFBB Mr. Olympia was an unprecedented event in bodybuilding history; no competitor before (and likely since) had combined such impressive muscle mass and dramatic physique with such extraordinary proportions.

He stood out as an anomaly. His deltoids were larger than his head, his chest covered with slabs of beef for pectorals, yet his massive quads and diamond-shaped calves tapered down to an astonishing 29-inch waist – the same width as each of his tree-trunk thighs.

Professional Career

Olivia Gold is a prominent beauty and fashion influencer on social media. With an immense following on YouTube, Olivia Gold is known for sharing hauls, product reviews, and tutorials related to beauty products and techniques. Additionally, she has secured partnerships with several major brands.

At eight seasons old, he made it all the way into the major leagues and won three American League batting titles as well as one Gold Glove award during his time.

Oliva has become an iconic figure in Cuba. He travels back frequently, often unannounced, to Pinar del Rio province where his relatives still reside and regularly entertains small clusters of fans with tales from his impressive major league career.

Achievement and Honors

Olivia Gold is an American social media influencer and blogger known for posting beauty tutorials, product reviews and hauls to her self-titled YouTube channel. She has collaborated with brands including Fashion Nova and Shein.

She has appeared in viral videos and was nominated for the Social Influencer of the Year award at the 2022 Teen Choice Awards. A graduate from New Rochelle High School’s PAVE arts program, she can be found frequently sharing her talents through various forms of art expression.

Vallesur’s olive oils have earned numerous honors and awards in recent years. Most notably, at the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition it won two Gold medals for Carbonell Magna Oliva 22-23 and Bertolli Black Label brands – both medium intensity blends. Furthermore, CINVE, an international wine, vinegar and olive oil competition in Spain recognised by its government also awarded Vallesur with one Gold medal.

Personal Life

Olivia Gold is an American YouTube personality with millions of subscribers on her self-titled channel. She offers beauty tips, hauls, and product reviews.

She maintains an impeccable professional life without any scandal or controversy that would tarnish it, focusing on professional endeavors alone.

She is in a romantic relationship with Willgotthejuice, an influential social media personality. They regularly post updates of each other across their various platforms. Since April 2019, they have been together and deeply in love – welcoming a son into their family on January 2020! Olivia stands tall with medium chocolate eyes and purple locks. Her demeanor is charming.

Net Worth

Olivia Gold is an American social media influencer known for posting beauty tutorials, hauls and product reviews to her YouTube channel and gaining over one million subscribers on Instagram.

Olivia is an elegant young lady with an endearing disposition. At 5 feet 3 inches and 40 kilograms, Olivia stands 5 feet 3 inches and boasts chest-waist-hip dimensions that measure 32-23-34 cm. Her medium chocolate eyes sparkle brightly while she often paints her hair various hues to complete the picture.

Olivia has been in a committed relationship with Willgotthejuice, a well-known social media personality. They frequently post updates to each other across multiple platforms as their bond grows stronger over time. Furthermore, Olivia maintains her impeccable reputation without becoming embroiled in any controversial events or rumors that have ensued from any past relationships or encounters.

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