Olivia House

Olivia House

Olivia’s House is an organization comprised of caregiving professionals and volunteers dedicated to supporting grieving children, offering healing through grief education.

House in Heartlake City that Olivia lives in with her parents and cat. Set includes mini-doll figures representing Olivia, her parents and cat; can be played with by both children and their friends.

Early Life and Education

Olivia (Livy to her friends and family), was well educated. She received lessons in Latin, arithmetic, English history music philosophy through tutoring sessions at home as well as classes held by Thurston’s Female Seminary in Elmira New York.

She was an enthusiastic supporter of her husband’s literary works, helping him revise manuscripts. Additionally, she joined him on his lecture tour around the globe during 1895-1896, providing extra income through writing articles for newspapers to supplement family finances.

Olivia’s House provides after care services for clients in the maintenance stage of recovery. This involves continuing a daily program designed to manage symptoms and avoid future crises recurrences, without charge. In addition, Olivia’s House also provides grief education programs to schools and caregiving professionals as well as operating a public lending library on children’s grief.

Professional Career

Olivia House is an advocate for harm reduction and destigmatizing addiction. She works alongside Honoring Individual Power and Strength to increase access to harm reduction services for those in need.

She takes an interest in nature and the environment, keeping a variety of animals at her Malibu home, including several dogs and horses. This passion manifests itself in her work: for instance, songs like 1976’s Come On Over or 1980’s Physical carry messages about protecting the planet.

Oliva graduated from UNC with a degree in Public Policy, and soon after joined Winston Salem City Council to gain more firsthand experience of local governance. Since joining, she has participated in projects addressing health inequities within her community.

Achievement and Honors

Olivia has amassed many achievements throughout her career. She has received multiple awards for both acting and charitable efforts. Olivia credits Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, and Frances McDormand as acting role models.

She has won multiple awards for her music. Warm and Tender was released as a top 20 hit album in both countries and was an international success story.

Still Alive was released in 2018 and reached number one on Australia’s iTunes chart – her first new material release since 2007. Gold House, an advocacy collective that encourages greater API representation in American culture and society, will honor Olivia at their annual Gold Gala this year; an event designed to recognize pioneers at the forefront of what the group describes as the ‘New Gold Age.’ This event “honors trailblazers who are leading change.”

Personal Life

Olivia has an affinity for nature and the environment and often sings about this in her music. She keeps animals at her home including an assortment of dogs and horses which is evident in her songs as well.

She gained fame in the US through her 1981 album Physical, featuring its energetic title track (which sold over 1 Million units). Later she released Grace and Gratitude a healing CD.

Olivia first appeared on House, the medical drama starring Hugh Laurie, as a regular cast member in 2008. Since then she has appeared in other TV shows and movies and directed short films of her own. Olivia is married to John Easterling who owns Amazon Herb Company.

Net Worth

Olivia’s primary source of income comes from acting fees charged for movies and shows she appears in. Additionally, Olivia earns good money through brand endorsement deals.

She has invested in various properties, such as an oceanfront home with swimming pool, library and six fireplaces. Additionally, she owns an expansive country estate in Australia.

Oliva saw his net worth increase 11.3 percent to $15.2 million after selling his shares of Oliva Cigar Company to Belgian maker J. Cortes Cigars, according to his financial disclosure report.

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