Pastor Thomas

Pastor Thomas

Pastor Thomas travels with the purpose of helping others rediscover God and her faith. She travels boldly as an evangelist, wisely as a teacher and with compassionate service in mind – she helps them discover their path back home.

Tom has taught, spoken and volunteered in many areas of ministry. In his free time he enjoys hunting for bass fishing as well as playing guitar and keyboards.

Early Life and Education

Pastor Thomas was raised in a Christian household and regularly attended church, before accepting the call to preach at 28 years old. Since then he has preached in various churches across his community while also becoming an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity as well as being recognized with 33rd Degree Prince Hall Masonry membership.

He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Philosophy as well as a Master of Divinity from Hiram College. Additionally, he was conferred a Doctorate of Ministry by Hartford Seminary.

Pastor Thomas continues to preach with conviction despite the difficulties he is encountering, trusting that God will bless his followers and encouraging them to live their best lives. His passion lies in educating others and encouraging them to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

Professional Career

As pastor, he is responsible for preaching, teaching and leading his flock. Additionally, he oversees administrative and staff responsibilities such as bulletin, Weekly Word e-letter, calendar/room requests as well as funeral, wedding and baptism scheduling. Furthermore, he works on church related projects such as community outreach initiatives, ministry development plans and hospitality.

Neben his pastoral duties, Dr. Daniel teaches at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis where he instructs best practices of preaching as part of its first ever doctoral program dedicated to African-American preaching studies.

Thomas often stresses that God’s strength and grace are what have enabled him to make it through life’s obstacles, with an example being his successful heart transplant in 2019. This statement of truth was cemented further with his experience after going through one himself as proof.

Achievement and Honors

Pastor Thomas’ mission is to lead people into worship spaces where they can encounter Him fully and surrender themselves completely. She travels with both boldness and wisdom as she ministers to countless congregations across North Carolina – in addition to being an attentive spouse and mother herself.

Pastor Thomas is an esteemed leader in her community and has been honored by various organizations for her outstanding services. Pastor Thomas’ passion lies in aiding those suffering injustice while equipping God’s children to live victoriously.

Pastor Thomas serves as Senior Pastor for Word Alive Center formerly Greater Word to the World Ministries (a church with multiple locations). She is married to Apostle D.C. Thomas Sr and mother to two daughters. Pastor Thomas stands as an inspiration as an incredible woman of strength, integrity and faith!

Personal Life

Thomas was driven by his antiwar convictions to join the Socialist Party of America and advocate for its antimilitarist platform. Additionally, he supported Morris Hillquit’s 1917 bid for mayor of New York City on an antiwar platform.

Pastor Thomas’ approach combines bold evangelism, wisdom teaching, and compassionate pastoring into one dynamic service that brings people into God’s presence for spiritual clarity even during life’s most trying moments. She travels with this mission at heart.

She is a covenant daughter of The Repairer of the Breach International Ministries under her spiritual mother, Apostle Shirley Wade Anthony. She is also a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother.

Net Worth

Thomas has become widely-followed on YouTube with his speeches being watched over 12 million times and inspiring many, such as professional basketball player Lebron James. Additionally, Thomas is widely respected for publishing critically-acclaimed books which offer motivational advice about following your dreams and working hard.

Thomas found strength through church preachers after dropping out of high school and living homeless on Detroit streets for some time, eventually meeting one who encouraged him to return to Oakwood University where he earned an undergraduate degree and began preaching and creating programs to support less privileged young people.

As an academic advisor for low-income students at Michigan State University, he helped establish “The Advantage”, along with fellow academic counselor and motivational speaker DeAndre Carter, which sought to assist disadvantaged black and Latino students.

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