Patricia Barry Net Worth

Patricia Barry Net Worth is an renowned American Movie Actress born November 16, 1921 in Davenport, Iowa United States.

Stephens College offered her acting classes and she made her acting debut during the mid-40s. Soon thereafter she was recognized as an accomplished television actress appearing in over 130 series and movies.

Early Life and Education

Patricia Barry was born November 16 in Davenport, Iowa on November 16, 1921. Shortly after graduating Stephens College in mid 1940s she signed with Columbia Pictures due to her talent and natural beauty which was immediately recognized and she could begin her film and television acting career.

She was known for working tirelessly throughout her career, appearing in over 130 TV series and movies throughout her lifetime, not to mention stage work as well.

Renowned for her beauty and grace, she was an esteemed actress beloved by audiences worldwide. She married Philip Barry Jr, an esteemed television producer/director who died tragically in 1998.

Professional Career

Patricia Barry passed away peacefully at age 94 on October 11, 2016. She was an acclaimed American stage and television actress who had appeared in over 130 movies and series.

She was born November 16th 1921 in Davenport Iowa and her profession is Movie Actress.

Beginning her career by winning a Rita Hayworth look-alike contest, Patricia White quickly established herself in theater. Soon thereafter she signed a Columbia Pictures contract under her given name Patricia White and kept busy appearing in Gene Autry westerns and two-reeler comedies under this moniker. By late 1950s, Patricia had transitioned into television guest starring shows like Playhouse 90 and Matinee Theatre as well as daytime drama First Love as well as numerous anthologies such as Alcoa Hour; together with her husband Philip Barry Jr (son of playwright Philip Barry Sr), several television productions together produced together under this moniker.

Achievement and Honors

Patricia Barry had accomplished much in her lifetime. She was an award-winning actress, businesswoman, and community leader – as well as being the mother to two sons and actively involved with multiple organizations. Patricia held herself accountable while also loving her family deeply.

She had an enormous passion for community, always searching for ways to bring people closer. In addition, she loved reading and had a terrific sense of humor – not forgetting being an incredible mother and grandmother who led with an undaunted spirit.

Patricia was born November 16th 1921 in Davenport Iowa United States. She became an esteemed American Movie Actress who appeared in over 130 TV series and films such as the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Personal Life

Patricia Barry was an American stage, film, and television actress best known for three consecutive Emmy nominations and being one of Women in Film’s founding members. On October 11, 2016, at age 93 she passed away peacefully at home in Los Angeles.

Patricia Allen White was born in Davenport, Iowa and attended Stephens College in Columbia Missouri for her studies. Following professional experience on stage productions, Patricia launched her film career by winning a Rita Hayworth look-alike contest held by Warner Brothers – leading them to sign her under her real name – before beginning work as an actress for Hollywood films under that same name.

She appeared in more than 130 television series and films throughout her career, leaving behind daughters Miranda Barry (formerly in charge of global Sesame Street productions) and Stephanie Barry Agnew as well as two grandchildren.

Net Worth

Actress Patricia Barry is an American actress known for appearing in over 130 television series and films including The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. At 94, she has amassed an estimated net worth of $54 Million.

Actor Patricia Allen White from Davenport, Iowa was quickly signed to Columbia Pictures following her graduation from Stephens College in Missouri. She used both names professionally until marrying film producer Philip Barry in 1950 when she officially started using his maiden name professionally.

Personal Life. She remains private about all her matters and relationships in her personal life, such as romantic affairs. Currently she resides in Brentwood, California United States where her home is estimated to be valued at an estimated amount of $10.3 Million.

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