Philo Farnsworth Net Worth

Philo Farnsworth was born in 1906 and lived a rural Utah log cabin, becoming passionate about electricity while reading popular science magazines in his attic above home.

Philo took upon himself the responsibility for supporting his family after his father passed away at age 58, working hard and eventually graduating Brigham Young High School in 1924.

Early Life and Education

Philo Farnsworth lost his father when he was still young, leaving him responsible for supporting the family on his own. To make ends meet he took on various jobs such as working on logging crews or selling radios door-to-door; sometimes even taking on work with railroad companies.

He had a deep-seated curiosity for electricity, learning as much as he could from books. He would spend many hours in his attic creating his own small world of magic and adventure.

After graduating high school, he worked for the railroad in Glen Falls, Idaho while simultaneously studying at Brigham Young University and earning Junior Radio-Trician certification from the National Radio Institute. Although recruited to the United States Naval Academy for training purposes, he decided instead to continue his studies at BYU where he eventually developed his concept for electronic television.

Professional Career

Philo Farnsworth was the father of electronic television. Despite having grown up in a remote log cabin without electricity or telephone services, he dreamed of becoming an inventor like Bell or Edison. While in high school he studied physics, Einstein’s theories, automobile engines and model airplanes. While sketching complicated electrical diagrams for his chemistry teacher at home; later this helped him win his court case against David Sarnoff and Radio Corporation of America (RCA).

Farnsworth transmitted his first television pictures from his laboratory in San Francisco in September 1927, innovating as an engineer by creating defense early warning signals, submarine detection devices and radar calibration equipment. While keeping his personal life private he never revealed details about his marriage or divorce. As a true music lover Farnsworth performed in both high school dance orchestras and chamber music groups.

Achievement and Honors

Farnsworth held several patents and invented numerous technologies, such as the first electronic television set. Additionally, his inventions included gastroscope, astronomical telescope and infant incubator inventions – for which he received various honors such as stamp from USPS.

Farnsworth became sole provider for his family following the death of his father while still attending high school, but nonetheless put all his focus and energy into studying to graduate from Brigham Young in 1924.

He went on to study at Brigham Young University, earning Junior Radio-Trician certification from the National Radio Institute. Although recruited by the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis for its advanced science classes, Farnsworth decided instead to enroll at Brigham Young instead and later founded Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation in 1938.

Personal Life

Philo Farnsworth was an esteemed American inventor and electrical engineer best known for his contributions in television technology, creating several key components to enable electronic television sets to function effectively. Additionally, he established the Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation.

Farnsworth was born in Utah, United States. He married and has several children before choosing to keep both aspects of his personal and professional lives as private as possible.

John Logie Baird was the pioneer behind the first all-electric television. A master in electronics and physics, Baird earned numerous accolades and awards for his groundbreaking work – even featuring on several postage stamps! Although highly talented and hardworking, Baird also faced his fair share of personal struggles during his life.

Net Worth

Farnsworth developed many key components that assisted in the creation of early television sets. He earned both United States and foreign patents for his inventions – including an image dissector that preceded the television camera tube – as a result of this work.

Philo Farnsworth conceived of electronic television at age 15, when he discovered a cache of electronics magazines at home. Inspired by these publications and by his interest in invention, Farnsworth devised an electronic system to detect and transmit images line by line like plowing fields.

He co-founded Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation in 1938 and played an instrumental role in creating an integrated television system by 1951. Unfortunately, financial hardship plagued his life until he died penniless in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 7, 1971.

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