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Pierre Woodman – Director of “Woodman Casting X”

The porn industry must address allegations of exploitation and trafficking, such as hiring of convicted rapists. Furthermore, performers must receive improved treatment. This video features Pierre Woodman who hires girls in Eastern Europe for his porn films.

He is the creator of over 65 pornographic films with over 2000 hardcore scenes and 7 000 castings.

Early Life and Education

Pierre Woodman came from a poor family. At an early age he began working, taking jobs as bartender, salesman, store clerk and eventually joining the army and serving as policeman.

He later began his photography career, producing images which have come to be known as her artistic oeuvre. Her black-and-white photographs of nude women have inspired feminist readings that place her alongside contemporaries such as Ana Mendieta and Hannah Wilke, as well as contemporary artists like Cindy Sherman.

In 2004, he played himself in a full-screen movie entitled Whore alongside Denise Richards and Daryl Hannah. Additionally, he launched an affiliate program online to distribute his films; its series ran to 12 Chapters focused on women, glamour, sex, excitement and passion.

Professional Career

Pierre Woodman has become one of the leading figures in adult film and has amassed an estimated net worth of $15 Million. His most renowned series, “Woodman Casting X”, showcases amateur actress audition footage.

Woodman entered the porn industry at 16 and worked in various capacities such as bartending, salesman and store clerk before venturing into filmmaking and also working as model and actor.

Woodman made his directorial debut with Casting X series. Following starring as himself in Yo Puta, he conducted several photo-shoots for fashion magazines such as Vogue and Blast before expanding into directing through CastingX series.

He has been accused of employing cruel techniques to lure actresses to his shoots and coercing them to perform sexual acts against their will. In 2006, he announced his departure from Private Media and established his own production studio in Barcelona.

Achievement and Honors

Pierre Woodman has garnered many adult industry honors throughout his illustrious career as a director. Among them are four Hot d’Or awards (Europe’s equivalent of AVN’s Platinum Movie award), winning Best European Movie for Private in 1997 and then again for Tatiana two years later; additionally he received Hot Movie of the Year for 1994 for The Fugitive.

Woodman is not only an accomplished director but also an actor and writer. Since 1994 he has appeared in over 75 films since producing them under his direction as well as having over 30 producing, writing and editing credits to his name. Woodman has directed over 240 movies to date; notable titles are A Guy Like You, XXX Countdown Screaming at the Moon and The Fugitive among others.

Personal Life

Pierre Woodman has been involved in two marriages and has two children, currently living in Budapest, Hungary. Over time he has invested in real estate throughout Europe and now owns properties there.

His most well-known series are his casting films, where he auditions amateur actresses and turns them into stars. Most of these productions take place in Eastern Europe where women cost less.

Woodman shot frequent pornographic scenes for Private Media Group between 1997 and 2005; Berth Milton invited Woodman back into work.

Woodman not only films pornographic material, but he also conducts photo sessions and finds fashion models – many of whom have since joined top modeling agencies – who he discovers through photo sessions. Furthermore, he’s often found at industry events and festivals.

Net Worth

Pierre Woodman is an esteemed director in the adult film industry and boasts an estimated net worth of $15 Million earned through his hard work and various business ventures.

He began his career as a photographer for various adult magazines before making the transition into film directing. Woodman is best-known for his “casting” genre films where he auditions amateur actresses and turns them into stars; this popular series, known as “Woodman Casting X,” has been running since late 1990s.

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