Quentin Baumler

Quintyn Werner Baeumler is a Canadian television star known for his appearances on Renovation Island. He hails from Bryan Baeumlar (contractor) and Sarah Baeumler (television host), both parents being contractors themselves; Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang and Josephine Judith being his siblings.

Bryan and Sarah have relocated their family to the Bahamas with the intention of revitalizing a rundown beach resort into Caerula Mar Club, making the seemingly impossible possible. Watch as this series chronicles their incredible efforts at turning this impossible project into something achievable!

Early Life and Education

Quentin is an offshoot of Latin, where Quintinus denotes fifth person or place. The name was popularized by film director Quentin Tarantino whose films feature crime-turned-misadventure such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs that bear his name.

Baeumler is the son of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, two HGTV Canada personalities. He loves animals, especially horse riding which he began at 10 and became proficient at after receiving training as an equestrian – eventually competing at FEI North American Youth Championships Pre-Junior division!

He currently stars in the HGTV show House of Bryan alongside his parents and siblings Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang and Josephine Judith. The show chronicles their journey as they renovate their dream home, country cottage and forever home.

Professional Career

Bryan Baeumler is a television host for HGTV Canada who has hosted multiple shows as a home renovation expert such as House of Bryan, Leave it to Bryan and Disaster DIY which help homeowners fix up their properties.

Renovation Island features the adventures of a contractor and his family as they travel to South Andros Island in the Bahamas to rebuild a run-down beach resort, garnering one of HGTV’s highest ratings series ever over its 10-year run.

Quintyn Baeumler, the eldest child of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, is an accomplished horse rider. Competing nationally at events with Harissa and Clintour – including competing at the 2021 FEI North American Youth Championships -, he attends online schooling sessions with Erika Adderley as his trainer.

Personal Life

Bryan Baeumler is married and the proud parent of four children. Since 2004 he and Sarah have shared a joyful marriage together as parents to Lincoln Wolfgang Baeumler, Quintyn Werner Baeumler, Charlotte Anne Baeumler and Josephine Judith Baeumler – they enjoy an incredible relationship as parents!

The family lives in a large cottage where they renovate and decorate for their reality show series, Caerula Mar. In Florida they also completed building their house as well as renovating Caerula Mar resort in the Bahamas.

Quintyn is an avid horseback rider who takes great joy in animals. He has competed in equestrian competitions and represented Canada at FEI North American Youth Championship Pre-Junior Division. Both his father and mother are immensely proud of him, making him an internet celebrity as well.

Net Worth

Quintyn Baeumler, son of Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (renowned television hosts ) enjoys immense fan following in Canada. At boarding school he studies horse-riding extensively; even representing Canada at one competition!

Bryan Inc is one of his many shows; both Bryan and his wife have also appeared on House of Bryan, Leave It to Bryan, and Disaster DIY.

Apart from appearing on various television shows, Bryan has established Baeumler Quality Construction. Additionally, he has ventured into several other businesses and now boasts an estimated net worth of $20 Million when combined with Sarah Baeumler – this figure includes both their individual net worths.

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