Raggedy Ann Tattoo Ideas

Raggedy Ann Tattoo Ideas

One of the coolest inventions ever conceived, Raggedy Ann and her brother Raggedy Andy were patented in 1915 by a little guy named Johnny Gruelle. It was the first time a man had invented a cartoon doll, and it became a hugely successful franchise. The rag-doll may be a tad dated now, but it remains a perennial favorite for a reason: the doll is cute and the stories they tell are pretty darn good.

Besides the countless Raggedy Ann themed toys and books, there’s been some serious sexiness to be had in the form of a hand-made doll of our own. A brand new 95th anniversary wooden Raggedy Ann is slated to ship in September to tie in with the birthday of Gruelle’s fictional creation.

What are your favorite raggedy ann inspired toys or dolls? Let us know in the comments section below. We’ll be highlighting them on our next update! Until then, Happy Holidays from the crew at Ink Spot.

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